Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dreaming of Switzerland...

Okay, sidetracked again...but I have to say I think I am in love with my Swiss Mr. I met him this past summer while on vacation with my girlfriends. We spent two amazing crazy nights together, and then I met up with him again before he went home to Switzerland for the hottest night I have ever experienced. We had 8.5 hours together of amazing, passionate sex, I cannot even put into words what I felt that night and what I still feel inside when I think of that night. Well, Swiss Mr. and I still keep in touch, we exchange nudey photos of each other, and tell each other how much we want to be with each other again. The plan is to see each other again in 2011, but that seems so far away (but believe me well worth the wait!). But today I got this amazing message, I will let you see a snippet of it (and remember, English is not his first language):

Heh Agnes, I also had some very dirty thought about you these days... sometimes I just wish to meet you right now and then without any word to rip off your clothes and fuck you like mad! But then I calm down and save some sperm for you the next time we see us... ;-))

A few days ago I had a spontaneous idea and I was looking for a flight to UNNAMED CITY to go to UNNAMED LOCATION;-) I was thinking about "Couch Surfing" because now you don't find any room anymore I think. But then I threw away my idea because I don't even can take off during this time... I'm just too busy now :-( But the imagination of skiing, have party at night aaaaaand fucking you like mad was reeeeally gooooood! ;-))

Seriously this man drives me crazy. And it really is so ridiculous that I carry this torch because of the distance. But I cannot stop! I would give up the 'collection' for this one man! Agnes

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  1. I really hate that you have to wait for your Swiss Mr. Agnes...but I know how it feels to have that person that rocks your world and you can get him out of your head.

    So our option now are to find you a filler...someone that can keep you satisfied until Swiss Mr. comes back.