Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I got a text from Greg last night saying that he had just received all the messages that I had sent and now understood the reason for my worry.  He reaffirmed that all was well and that he was anxious to get together again...and yes now I can exhale knowing that all is good with him.  I have to remember to set some ground rules. Like:

1.  If you are going to be away and can't be in communication with me than let me know prior so that I don't look like some crazed woman thinking that I have been dumped.
2.  If you are going to dump me than be up front and let me know...don't ignore me and let me wonder what the hell happened or think that you are dead, which leads me to my next rule
3.  Give my contact information to someone in your "trust tree" so that they can let me know if something happened to you.

I'm thinking those are pretty common sense rules...right?



  1. From a guy's perspective, I have to tell you that #1 is most worrisome..nobody wants some crazy stalker chick after him. So a woman needs to not get so emotionally invested, that she gets crazy if there is no contact for an extended period.
    #2 - fully agree..especially when one or both are married..too much baggage and bullshit if you don't make it a clean and mature break..since if you don't, you could end up with a crazy stalker chick. ;)
    #3 - Really??? trust me...very few cheating men have a "trust tree"'s just not something we do...even with a best friend. So it is unrealistic to expect #3.

  2. Heh there Mike,

    Greg does have a "trust tree", I know, I have 'climbed' it so to speak, and he was very fine!

  3. Firstly...thanks Mike for your comments, always welcome whether negative or positive.

    Secondly from anyone's perspective when you have an affair with someone you unintentionally become emotionally attached even if it is as friends. I don't think me asking my close friend to contact me when she disappears for an extended period of time would consider me a "crazed" friend. So do I agree with your point #1..not at all. I didn't go and send him countless text messages or called him or anything like that..I'm not crazy and I'm definately not a stalker..if he moves on well so be it "it was what it was". Which brings me to #2...break it off's only fair. and as for your #3 "friend" greg has a friend in his "trust tree" and he has given him my number as a "just in case". It would suck if something happened to him and I sent him a sexy text and his wife (after losing her husband) found it. I'm not protecting myself here but his wife. Agnes (who is obviously in my "trust tree") knows that if anything were to happen to me that she would contact Greg to let him know.

    But again thanks for your comments..cheers.;)