Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have always loved boys...

I really have always loved boys, there was no doubt of my sexual orientation from a very young age. I always played the nurse in a game of army with the neighbour boys, my first kiss was with the neighbour boy in the fort in the corner of our yard, another neighbour boy taught me how to 'french kiss', another good friend of mine taught me how to give oral sex ("it's like sucking a popsicle..."); all of the boys in my youth were not only great to look at, but were great instructors and more than willing to share their knowledge of sex with me. It really never got old, kissing boys! Well here I am now, the boys have grown into men, and my desire to kiss them has grown into more, and thus the 'collection' has begun...with no end in sight! One wee problem, well major problem...I am married!


  1. Can I quote this on my blog?

  2. Quote the whole post? not sure what you mean?