Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is it fair to Judge???

Part of our bond with each other, Agnes and I, is the fact that we have never made judgment on each other.  Many years ago when I had first met Agnes we had gone out to a club for drinks and dancing.  By the end of the night I found her kissing a young man.  Nothing more, just kissing (it is what she likes best about men I think).  Anyways, not once would I have judged her because I didn't know what the situation was.  She was and I think to some extent still is a devoted wife and mother.  Our intentions are not to hurt our families with what we do but in some way to improve it (I know sounds like bullshit right).  I can honestly say that my sex life with my husband has never been better.  I am a much happier person now than I was prior to this all commencing.  I don't focus on the negative parts but only on the positive.  I guess the point that I am trying to make is that no one ever knows why people do the things they do so why judge.  Is it fair to Judge Tiger Woods...I don't think so.  Do we know whether his wife was doing the same thing and was better able to keep it from the public eye?  I once heard of a situation where the wife gave her husband permission to find another sex partner...but when she found out that he had she was hurt and angry.  Is that fair??  No one is person and no relationship is perfect and if you are one of those persons that they they are than you need to give your head a shake and wake up.


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  1. This so hits true for me. Each entry I read hits it dead on and what? I'm only on the 3rd or 4th entry! I find myself wanting to comment time and time again.

    My affair with HTA has improved my sex life at home - I feel a spark in my life that i didn't have before. You say it so much more eloquently then I do so THANK YOU! In terms of judging - you have inspired me to write a blog on just that subject!