Monday, January 18, 2010

Ola Amigo/Amiga...

Back from Mexico and ready to blog again...I have been slowly building up my tales of deception and infidelity but I need to just jump ahead I have been away on vacation, a romantic birthday surprise vacation for my husband, the husband who is devoted to me until the day I die, but whom recently I have been questioning whether or not I actually "love" him (again, I will give more deets on this later). And what do I do immediately on my return? Respond to emails from a few past lovers of mine, one of which is desperately wanting to hook up with me this week (the one who has 'ended' things with me now at least three times...Kat and I both know he will always come back, again more deets to follow). And I will likely meet him this has this become such a normal part of my life, but yet it is so wrong - it is like I am two entirely different people, living two entirely different lives...hmm hold on, is that schizophrenia? EEEK

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  1. Have you even thought about just how MUCH pain this could cause your husband? He'll "love you till the day he dies" while you're dedicated to totally devastating his happiness. What a heartwarming story.

    Ever thought that if you don't love him maybe he would be happier free to look for someone who WILL love him and won't cheat on him? But as well as betraying his trust you want to deny him the chance to find someone who WILL actually treat him with kindness and respect?

    This is not judgementalism. This is just observing things as they really are. Much as it might piss you off you can't deny all this is true.