Saturday, January 23, 2010

Potenial New Lovers?

Kat and I have had many men in the last couple of years, but it seems that now we are looking for a 'lover', a regular source of sex. Someone local, no strings, a place of their own, or access to a place on a regular basis. Tonite we may have found it. As Kat said, we were not even supposed to be out, it was our men's night out...but no we could not resist the urge to just pop into a local watering hole (and pretty much a guarantee to find someone, we both knew this in the back of our minds, in fact I think I even challenged Kat tonite that we go out for just a drink and see if we could bag someone). Guess what, within 5 or 10 minutes of being in the bar, we were giving out boob rubs and talking about sucking cock to a prospective lover! I know it sounds crass, it actually was not meant in a slutty way, just an open honest way. Poor guy expressed within 10 minutes he had sex only every 6 months with his wife and was batting 0 for 6 (years!!!) for head.

Once again, the number of married men/women, looking for sex and having sex with people other than their partner is currently astonishing Kat and I, we are so not alone! Anyway, this guy who approached us for a boob rub, had two friends anxiously awaiting in the wings, one more married guy and one freshly separated...let's call him D. Well within minutes D had his arm around my waste and his hand on my ass, and nuzzling into my neck...but we had to go...I was not going to walk away...I got his number...let's see if he is brave enough to respond to my text tomorrow (he did not have his phone on him), and to see if he will meet me. I have to say, he was a nice pick...hmmm....maybe i am finally starting to be selective! Unlike Kat, I have no idea what kinda cock is in store...but really, does that matter?

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  1. well that was a dead end...the boys chickened out...too hot to handle I suppose! LOL