Thursday, January 21, 2010

Power in numbers

I'm really not proud of the number of men I have had sex with in the past 2 years.  Most in a drunken state which makes me even less proud.  I can't have any regrets though because what is done is done and I can't undo what I have done so I have accept it and move on from there and try not to make the same mistakes.  Agnes and I were going over the men that we have met in the past two years. Here is a compilation of mine and how it all went down.

Guy #1:  My first (highschool friend that I reconnected with on FB).  It all started so innocently really.  I had heard that he had just gotten engaged and so I wrote him a note saying "congrats on your engagement, the last of the hotties from high school to get married."  Well I guess that was the wrong thing to say because he responded with "well if you wouldn't be married already I would have asked you".  So what started out as teasing turned into us hooking up.  It only happened once (at my office..yikes) and we didn't have full on sex.  It was my first time venturing out into the world of adultery and I felt more guilt for his future wife than I did about cheating on my husband.  Anyways it ended...more his choice than mine but I was not disappointed that it did.  He's now on his 2nd year of marriage and expecting their first child.

Guy #2:  So the spark had been lit and there was no stopping me.  My relationship with my husband was declining due to his drinking and I just needed something to keep me happy.  That's when I met tiny (yes named after his cock size, poor guy).  I was out with friends and was supposed to be my single friend's "wing girl".  I saw him and his friend standing at the bar and I approached him and we started talking.  My single friend seemed to be hitting it off with his friend so all was good.  By the end of the night when the bar was closing they suggested we continue the party at their house.  I wasn't totally sure I should (knowing where it was going) but I agreed and off we went.  I won't go into detail other than despite his size he was a really good lover and he had an amazing body.  We talked periodically after that but he felt a lot of guilt about having slept with a married woman.  We did hook up a few more times over a period of a few months but the guilt for him was just too much for him to take.  We still talk now after 2 years and have actually become somewhat friends.  He always asks me for girlfriend advice which I find to be very sweet.

Guy #3:  Hmmmmmmmmmm whose next...ah yes AM (aka ass man, he liked my ass and referred to it often).  Anyways while on a trip with the girls Agnes and I had went out alone without the rest of the group.  The evening started off pretty innocently, dancing, talking, drinking until a groupof men came in.  AM was sitting on a stool and watching us dance so of course I made eye contact and had to approach him.  He revealed that he was married and I said that I was too but we could still have fun.  Agnes had a whole group of other men to keep her occupied.  They invited us to their hotel for a hot could we say no, seriously.  5 good looking guys and a hot tub...mmmmmmmmm.  As soon as we got there I stripped down to my underwear and got in and Agnes was feeling a little less adventurous so she borrowed one of the guys boxers.  I'm sure they were all disappointed that she kept her bra on because Agnes has the best set of boobs around.  Three out of the five guys eventually left leaving me and Agnes with AM and his friend (I have to say this, we named him limp dink after that evening).  After a lot of kissing AM and I took it into the bedroom and fooled around until Agnes started knocking on the door...his friend was too wasted to get a hard disappointing.  I spent the rest of my nights with AM while on our vacation and we promised to stay in touch.  At the time he lived quite a distance from me so I knew that I wouldn't be seeing him anytime soon.  We had some phone conversations and a potential meeting but he flaked and that was it.

Okay this is to be continued......

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