Thursday, January 7, 2010

The rumblings begin....

I have always loved to go out with girlfriends and have drinks and dance, this has always been a part of my life, and continues to be! I never sought out the attention of men, but somehow they always came to me. My friends would always comment about it, like I was a magnet of sorts. Maybe it was because I felt secure and confident in myself and in my marriage, and so maybe I excuded a carefree attitude that made me approachable. And let's face it ladies, once you have the attention, who wouldn't enjoy it. I have some married friends that say 'oh I feel uncomfortable when another man is looking at me or flirting'. Really? Are they being honest? I find that hard to believe. No matter who it was paying attention to me, it always made me feel good. So I would do just that, I would flirt, dance and maybe even steal a kiss, but at the end of the night I always went home to the security of my home and husband who loved me. I am the girl that after a few drinks you can say, "Agnes will give you a kiss" (kinda like 'heh mikey, try this!'), or "Agnes will show you her boobs". To me it was all good clean fun, it's just skin, it's just a gave the boys a thrill and a laugh, this is all healthy behaviour. No one was getting hurt. Then things started to change...Agnes

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