Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A snippet of the Kiwi...

I will give you more on the Kiwi another day, but just had to let y'all know we met yesterday...typical meeting for us, the precursor is a full day of hot texting, him asking me repeatedly if I will be swallowing his cum, me assuring him 'of course' and lots of talk of my 'great titties'. Then off I went at the end of my day for 5 minutes of pleasure at our 'meeting spot' (it actually is a step up from the back seat of a car, but not much). In we go to our 'room', clothes come off, he tells me how great my tits are and the messing around begins....and then ends...clothes go back on, we walk back to our cars and say 'talk to you soon', both parties were successful in reaching a climax!

Can you hear the excitement in my voice about this type of meeting? LOL I told Kat yesterday, with the Kiwi and some others, it is the chase and the precursor text messages that are exciting for me, the act not so much. Mostly because since Kat and I have experienced our lengthy sessions with other lovers, these quickies just do not cut it. I am not really sure why I continue to meet him but Kat and I are in a bit of a dryspell and I have been so riled up last week and this week so far, and he made contact with me last week, so I knew it was a matter of time that we would be able to connect. He has actually been pretty good lately, in the past I would get an email the next day saying he felt too guilty and needed to work on things with his wife. I think he has finally realized, he too is addicted and as long as we don't share anything emotionally, we can meet for sex and all will be good. Anyway, that's my hump day story this week....ciao for now Agnes


  1. Hmmm . . . sounds like eating so-so chocolate. You get excited, and it tastes ok, but it's just not the same as really good Godiva, or one of those Lindt individually-wrapped ones, that stirs something primal.

    Still, you got to have chocolate in the middle of the day, so that's something.


  2. MMMMMMMM Swiss chocolate...haha Well put Jim.

  3. Lindt would definitely be at the top of my list and I would more than happily go to Switzerland to retrieve it...more to come on Swiss Mr.