Monday, January 25, 2010

When you are this Big...they call you Mister!

Well, as the nickname suggests, Big has a very big cock, length and girth, more so on the girth...

So after that first meeting at Big's house, we continued to meet...almost weekly, we could not get enough of each other. He would meet me near my work in his truck and I would sneak out and give him a hand job and make him cum (he would always say how good I was at that, I was not a big head person at this point, still a bit shy about my abililities in this regard), and he would get me off with his fingers in my pants (again, I was not experiencing the g-spot, so it was safe to venture there without soaking my pants, or the car seat). We would send each other very hot text messages, it really was pretty constant. Big was not 're-married' at this point but he was living with someone, but he had enough freedom never to be concerned with text messaging or calls. He would sometimes pick me up on a sidestreet near work and we would go to parkades, we met at parks or sideroads in residential areas, we started getting more brazen and went from just handjobs to full-on fucking in his truck. We even fucked in broad daylight in my car, with no tinted windows, in a residential area...just after we came we looked up and a man was walking towards us walking his dog! EEEK

We had at least 2 hotel meetings, each time, I was so nervous, heart racing, but as soon as I walked in that door, we would immediately start groping one another...I loved how he was ALWAYS so excited to see me, he could be the biggest asshole (which I would tell him from time to time) but when he met me for sex, he was a completely different person, he WANTED me bad and he expressed it. I went to his house again at least 3 or 4 times, pre and post re-marriage. I even had sex with him in his truck, one week post-honeymoon (that time I actually felt bad for his new wife...eeek).

Anyway, things were super hot and heavy for at least 6 months or so, then we got to the point where it was getting more difficult to meet, mostly due to his schedule. But of course, I was completely roped in at this point, so what started out as 'we will go as far as we can, and when it ends it ends', became something I had to have in my life. I hungered for it and so when meetings got cancelled I would be really upset and of course, who did I email...Kat! And she would talk me off the ledge, tell me he will be back etc...and he always was, as he hungered for me as well, but he is a very busy man, work and socially. One of the last times I met wtih Big, in a hotel room actually, we had the opportunity to lay together afterwards. You have to understand because our time was usually restricted, it was wham bam thank you man. But this time in the hotel was different, he actually pulled me onto the bed when I was getting dressed to lay with him and he lay there stroking my hair and kissing me, I actually felt like we were connecting and it scared me! I think it scared him too.

Of course, that made me want him more, and I wanted to go out with him socially. So when Kat was coming to town (she lived elswehere from me at this time), I also wanted her to meet him. I knew I could get him out with the innuendo that maybe Kat may also be interested in him, that she was even nottier than I was (sorry Kat!). I knew Kat would never be interested in him, but I knew he would be into her. So, it worked, Kat and I headed out to local pub and low and behold Big found a way to come meet us, of course he brought a friend. Well, he immediately started putting the moves on Kat. She of course was grossed out by it, but due to alcohol played along. Big's friend of course was putting the moves on me. So we carried on and then moved onto a nightclub. The dancing began, the gropping, Big's hands were in my pants, his friend's hands were in my pants, Big was kissing Kat, the friend was kissing me and I think Kat, and I was kissing Big and touching his cock...there were hands flying everywhere. Big was clearly wanting to fek Kat though and I started to grow envious, I did not like this game anymore! Kat knew so she tried to push Big back to me. And when Kat took off to hook up with someone else, Big was ready to leave...of course, made some excuse to me that he had to get home and could not be with me that night. His friend walked me back to my car (as Kat had taken off with her hook-up) and I gave him a ride home (well the cab gave us a ride), the friend and I made out all the way home (great kisser, but he was not who I wanted, nor was he my type). Anyway, the icing on the cake, Big phoned Kat the next day to ask her to hook up. She was staying at my house and he calls her to hook up?! WTF...Well I immediately called him and left a message, saying WTF is that all about. He called me back later, he knew I was pissed. He tried to say that it was my suggestion for a potential three-some (I never told him that!) and that he needed to test-drive Kat to make sure we would all be compatible. I told him that it was not cool, and that I was not into that. A week or two later, we decided to call it. I told him I could not do it anymore, and was not willing to be treated like that. We agreed that we did not awkwardness when we saw each other, as we still would have to associate with each other. It was all very mature.

A few weeks later of course i get the late night text asking me to come over, I did not see it till the next day, so I called him that next morning and said, why are you doing this to me, this is not going to happen.

Well things were over for a long time, then we had to talk for some other outside reason, and again, things heated up, we have had sex maybe three or four times since and he is in fact working on getting together with me soon (apparently he purchased a townhome for business that is vacant on occasion). It is actually quite good, I do not feel the emotional attachment to him anymore. We can be totally open and honest with each other, we have lots of talks now about sex and relationships, and we know when the opportunity arises, we can get together for some great sex. It is easy, the perfect situation really. It was quite cute this past Friday actually, I think I called him cause I was just super horny all week and when he answered he said 'how are you' and I replied 'horny and I need to be fucked!' ...he laughed and told me that he was in fact just thinking about me (whether he was or not I don't care, he said it and made me feel good). By the end of the conversation he told me his cock was nice and hard and he was actually trying to find a way to see me, but for a change, I could not make it (love having that upper hand on occasion!).

I know Big will be around for awhile yet, and I take comfort in that(he only just got a 'taste' of the wetness, surprisingly after all this time he got the 'touch' just right...and guess what, he loved it! He needs to experience that again!). He was my first and as you will find out, definitely not my one and only, I actually told him on Friday, that he started this all, that I had never crossed the line before him, reminded him that I did whisper that first time 'I don't think I can do this...' (we both laughed of course as clearly not loud enough to stop!) was true though, starting things with Big was the beginning of many more men!

Now, let's see...who was next? /Agnes

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  1. Having you retell the story of that evening brings back some pretty scary memories...I guess I will have to relive it in my own words.

    Just so everyone is much as I'm not a "big" fan I do support you in seeing him because I know how he makes you feel...

    Love ya.