Monday, January 11, 2010

Why am I not surprised

Agnes sent me a text early Saturday morning from Mexico.  Her and her husband are there to celebrate his birthday.  Her text "I kissed a boy"..hahaha.  That girl never ceases to amaze me.  Here she is supposed to be on a romantic getaway with her husband and the first day she is there she lands up kissing a boy.  The sad thing is that I am totally envious. 

Right now I have nothing.  My lover (hate saying that, it sounds so cliche so I will call him Greg) has not responded to any of my text messages (Only 2 because I refuse to beg for a man's attention) since we were last together two weeks ago.  I'm not overly concerned although this is the longest he has gone without sending me anything.  He is married as well and the only thing that ever concerns me when I don't receive a reply to my messages is that his wife has seen them.  If he has decided that our relationship is over than I hope he has the decensy to tell me.

I hope it isn't done but if it is than I will take what I had as an awesome experience and move on from there.  He wasn't my first and I really doubt he will be my last.  The addiction continues.


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  1. Heh...I never asked for it to happen, it just did, it still seems like a dream...and it was the craziest thing yet, but yet so hot! There he was standing in the hallway outside the washrooms, and I joked and said to him 'were you following me down here?' and then we started to makeout...I mean passionately, hands were starting to move but then some guy came out of the bathroom and we stopped and then we ducked back in again to kiss some more...I asked when he was leaving and he said the next day...thank goodness! If he had stayed, who knows what would have happened...Agnes