Thursday, January 28, 2010

The world of online affairs/hookups...

Eeeeekk what am I doing and why is Kat not talking me out of this?!

Okay I just signed up on some type of site, just the 'free' membership so far. I have had one message and a few interests, only one local and the others from out of country. I found a few local men, and I have 'smiled' or 'kissed' them or whatever you do 'poked' to show an interest, but I cannot message unless I sign up for the 'full' membership. What to do, what to do...I think I will wait to see if I get a response to my 'kisses', maybe they aren't as cheap as me and can message me.

This is all so exciting and scary at the same time. So does one just chat first and get a feel for the guy? It's not like you can really meet for coffee, kind of defeats the 'discrete' part. Oh well, I guess we will find out as I go along, but I do welcome any suggestions and/or comments if any of you out there are going this route. ciao for now, wish me luck! Agnes


  1. Hahaha like I have ever been able to talk you out of doing anything...."no don't send a message patient"...ya right. You're a big do what you have to do and when you fail I will be there to hold your hand and when you succeed I will be there to cheer...Love ya.

    ;) Kat

  2. Hmmm . . . but when she meets a guy, could you also be there? Could be fun for all 3 of us . . .

    Just teasing ;-)


  3. men are all the same! Maybe one day Jim, Kat and I have not quite gone there yet...well kind of, we shared! Agnes

  4. I hate waiting...may need to pay the fee!

  5. Patience, Agnes. The good ones will find a way to contact you, even if it costs them a couple of bucks.

    You two have a great weekend, whatever you do ;-)

    XO Jim

  6. So one dude has sent a second message and a photograph...too old! And now I feel bad for having engaged...I might not be cut out for this!

    You have a good weekend too Jim...Kat and I are going out this weekend, but with a couple other ladies, who do like to flirt but not as naughty as us (I think)...we may just have exchange numbers if we meet someone. LOL

  7. okay...I think I will cancel my account...I just had a lonely 70 year old man send me a note. Hmmmm....what part of ages between 28 and 50, are people not reading. Anyway, it seems that Kat and I really don't need the online, we were successful again last night...a dream sequence that maybe we both want to forget...or share...will need to discuss with Kat first!