Wednesday, February 3, 2010

After Big came....bits and bites

So after I crossed the line with Big, it seemed to just open up the gates for me, all of a sudden, I could no longer say "No, I just can't". I mean really why would I stop, when I had already crossed the line, I was already going to the 'second level of hell' (first and lowest level, reserved for really bad people...second level for those of us who just had way too much fun outside of the moral boundaries).

Truthfully, there seems to have been so many now that I probably will forget some, but the chronology as well as I remember it is as follows:

1. Orchard Guy - we went to a race,and there was an after party. My friend asked me to go and chat up this guy she thought was really attractive. So off I went, thanks to liquid courage and my nature, and started chatting with him and his friend. I dragged them out to dance, for my friend, but then my friend seemed more keen on his buddy. So we kinda switched it up. We were all sitting around talking and drinking and then the night was drawing to a close. I was not leaving without a kiss (I got this in my head). So I dragged Orchard Guy (and there had been some sexual discussions up to this point), down into the orchard, and we began to kiss, then lots of groping, hands in pants. Then my friend came down to get me, while she was there, he also kissed her and tried to get her to touch his cock, she giggled and could not believe what was happening and ran away, too freaked out to stay. Then we carried on, next thing I knew he had pushed me onto the ground, and was taking my pants off, I told him we needed a condom, and low and behold, he had one! and we started to fuck! Meanwhile in the background, my friend were shouting for me to we never fucked to completion, I scrambled around to find my clothes etc and off I went. Well, one week later, I run into them at another race with my husband and daughter...can you say 'awkward'! I think my daughter even commented, 'he's hot!' Yikes!

2. I think the next encounters were on our ladies' trip...Kat and I went out the first night on our own (and this is where she met AM, I think she has talked about him already), we ended up naked in a hot tub together (mostly naked) and I got limp dick and she got the prize! The next night, I made out with some guy on a patio, he was bound and determined to give me the best head I ever had...but didn't quite work out that way, plus the other gals made me go home that night, had to cut things short (see sometimes I can walk away...LOL). And the third night...ahhhh Aussie Guy, he was nice! We met in the nightclub and danced, talked and kissed, then we decided we needed to get outside. He led me to a chairlift (we were at a mountain resort) and we began to mess around. I kept saying we needed a condom. But next thing you know, we are fucking on the chairlift (a stationary one). Well, we headed back to the nightclub to meet our respective friends, his were there, mine were gone! So I had to go and find him to get him to walk me home, but I could not remember his name! (This tends to be a common theme, not so much for Kat as me, but I rarely do get a name or remember a name). Anyway, he walked me home and we were supposed to meet up the next day, but I did not input his number in my phone properly...probably a good thing. I did try to get Kat track him down for me afterward, based on his occupation given and first name (Kat is always such a good friend in this regard!), but no luck!

3. Next was FC (for French Canadian), he was in our city for a course. I was actually out with old high school friends who were visiting, so I was ready to behave myself that night. Well, my friends were not! Both married of course! The three of us gals were chatting, when all of sudden the one sister took off to go talk to a group of guys. Next thing she is making out with one of the guys! Well, that just opened up the evening now didn't it! I got chatting with FC. He was probably the only single guy in the group, so I didn't really think I was going to get any action. It was actually just a nice, fun conversation (gee I am capable of those sometimes!) As the night went on, we moved bars and the girls were both flirting with different guys. It was time to go though and I made FC walk us back to our hotel. The two sisters went to bed, and FC and I began to kiss by the elevators (which was kinda dangerous as it was my husband's place of employment!) Anyway, it was hot, and juices were flowing. I knew I had to get to the room. These other gals knew i was flirtatious, maybe kissed, but did not know any more than that, I had an image to uphold! LOL So I sent him on his way, but not without getting his number. The next morning we texted back and forth, lots of fun and he was going to be in town for another week. I invited myself to his hotel room one early morning before work. Off I went, and we had the best session ever, the bed was soaked and off I went to work and he to his course. Well this was not enough, I ended up going back after work for more. He was a super sweet guy and an awesome lover, very tender and gentle but knew what he wanted. FC and I kept in touch, and still do, we have had several chat/sex sessions, phone sex, exchanged photographs, it is somewhat ongoing. I actually thought it was over as he now has a girlfriend, and communications stopped for a bit but, they have started up again and he asking for photos again In fact he is very close to me right now, an hour away from our city, for a few weeks and I am hoping he will have time to see me. Road Trip Kat?

Okay I think I will break you don't get bored! I will get to PPM next in another blog, Kiwi guy and this year's ladies' trip guys....yikes!

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