Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back in the saddle!

Well after a very rough Friday afternoon and evening, and teary Saturday morning, I am finally feeling a lot better about things with A (oh and lots of text messages and emails to A, just to talk things out...which he totally indulged, cause of course he is very considerate in that regard). My last message to A was, next time you are in town, legitimately, let's do lunch! He responded,"I was hoping the exact same thing". You know at the end of the day, I loved talking to him, and as much as I should completely cut him loose, I am not sure I can yet. But do know, I am not holding out any illusions that we will hook up again. Not really sure I care to actually, after an intense review of pros and cons, Kat has convinced me the cons outweigh the major con, he doesn't like dogs! Who doesn't like dogs? LOL

So Friday after work, as a distraction, I headed over to Kat's and we began searching on AM for a new propsect for me. A few messages were sent out, some photos exchanged and I am now talking to P (I had to cut off two others, nice guys, but no physical attraction). Don't worry, I will take it slow! So far, nice guy, funny and not desperate...and local!

Oh and I made some hot eye contact last night while out at a dance with my hub. I desperately wanted to give him my number, and his eyes looked like they wanted that too. I even got busted by hub while we were checking each other. My hub said, "You were totally checking that guy out!" (he laughed about it, and so did I).

Anyway, feeling a lot better about everything. Man, I hate that crazed feeling...hate going there, feel so weak and out control! But I think I am back!

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