Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feet off ground...

I seriously am in disbelief right now...Kat is Green and I am just wondering what has hit me, and when will I come back down to reality.

So as you know, or from what you have read so far, Kat and I have been pretty busy, I have not yet completed my entire story to date, there are still a few more encounters to add. But as this has been evolving we have started to change and grow in this crazy and strange world of adultery. For me, I think it was just about sex at first and acting on that raw impulse, not denying it and just going for it. But as time has gone on, I have been feeling a bit cheap and easy, and have been settling for guys I normally would never have considered or been attracted to, almost thinking that this was the best I could get now...and maybe this is all that I deserved! Some of my choices have left me in tears, how can that be good? Anyway, I think it was maybe in the fall, I commented to Kat that I think I need a 'lover', a real live affair, I needed and deserved more! (now for me this is a bit crazy as I have a very attentive, loving husband, 99.9% of the time, Kat knows what the 1% is)

So, our mission changed, we were going to find me a lover, Kat was already developing this with Greg, so that is why I am not saying US. Of course we know how well that went (or do we yet? not sure if we have got there yet in either of our blogs...anyway, it ended in a one night stand, with no number and no promise of a second encounter!). A few more one-nighters, and some more reading of blogs, Kat and I decided maybe I should go online. Well, you saw that I did that...and you saw who I was attracting, in fact I am still getting winks from men over the age of 50 (once again out of my criteria) and who live on the other side of the country with no means for travel!). So I added a profile to the site Kat was on, so I could message without paying (paying just seems like such a committment). I immediately sent out 4 messages (one in NY just cause he was cute). Of course, no responses to any of them, so I sent a second one to A (not sure I told Kat that part, but she would not be surprised, I am persistent to say the least). Anyway, he responded and we exchanged pictures (had to get Kat's approval on the picture, she gave me the thumbs up). And now we are 5 days in, and it is non-stop texting, 3 or 4 phone calls, lots of emails, and he is coming to see me next Tuesday or Thursday, we are still trying to figure that out, plus we are planning into March, and the summer months. He is so attentive, he thinks I am sexy, we have already created a set of rules that work for both of us, mind you I take offence to "we drink only red wine and no bowling!" (I like white too, and bowling is fun sometimes!).

Anyway, I am not trying to get too excited cause we have not met in person yet, and who knows we may not connect physically (seems next to impossible from our conversations) but you never know. I also feel a bit guilty cause Greg has not been super attentive...I think this is what twins feel like?! But I do know she is happy for me, as I would be for her too, and I know Greg is still around, who could not want to be around her, he is by no means done with her yet!!!! Here is A's last message to me yesterday "I love what we're creating." Stay tuned for more...Agnes

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  1. I'm so happy and excited for you that it almost makes me cry. I hope the meeting is as exciting as the phone calls, messages, etc. Always remember "sometimes it works and sometimes it does"...sounds like this is working though. :)