Sunday, February 21, 2010

Greg and all the others that I have added to my portforlio

So glad that Agnes is posting to our blogs because as of late I just haven't had the time or is it that I have chosen to spend my time chatting it up with potentials.

To start I have to say that I caved. I wasn't going to initiate more contact with Greg but after him and Agnes chatting it up about his trust tree and that he had a potential for Agnes I thought he obviously wants to keep the connection. And it seemed like he did...he wanted to hook up on the weekend but because I have my children full-time now it wasn't possible on such short notice. So I'm back on the Greg bandwagon but with a different attitude. No more waiting for him...if it happens well then so be it. If it doesn't well better luck next time.

Now on to the rest of the others. Out of curiosity I decided to create a profile on Ashley Madison. Wow it didn't take long to have a continuing stream of men messaging. I've never seen so many cock pictures in one week. haha Unfortunately a lot of the messages were coming from men that were not local. I'm not into doing the online fuck chatting. But tonight while starting to work on this blog I got a message from DC, although not in my area, he was a lot closer. We connected immediately and it was so refreshing not to have a guy start off by asking to see a picture of my pussy. haha So we chatted for hours and the more we talked the more I can't wait to meet him. We will see what happens in the future...

So that pretty well sums it up for me this week. Some attention from Greg, a lot of attention from the AM web site, and a new potential..DC.

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