Monday, February 22, 2010

Kat's cast off...

What did I say about taking it slow??? Fek I have no self control!!!! Kat was so preoccupied today, she could not properly advise me and keep me in check! I blame her! LOL

So the local guy and I chatted all day at work, by lunch we determined we would meet after work, just to talk. I told him maybe a kiss but that was it.

As an aside, in between the chats with P, I got a sweet message from Swiss Mr. (he misses my ass and my pussy...awwww) and I was planting a seed with an old school flame for some fun (I think he is considering it...he will have sweet dreams tonite I am sure). And my Kiwi, contacted me, asking me if I got any cock this weekend and if I wanted his this week. I wasn't going to but I think I will hook up with him for sure on Thursday at Kat's house, and might even get to see him tomorrow for a warm up. I really do like him - maybe I should just stick with him. He always wants me, he is a cool guy, he is good looking (a bit short), fine body, great cock, it's just he gets cold feet every now and again. But it seems we are in a good place. The more I backed off the more cool he seems to be now too.

Anyway, back to I drive to his office building and he takes me up the rooftop (a first) and we sit and talk...I can see that he is very happy to meet me, I am not so sure about meeting him. He is cute but definitely not the 5'9" he said he was and his voice was a bit small. A had the perfect deep controlling voice (I have a thing for voices). He almost did a bit of headroll when he talked. But there I was and he already was feeling a bit insecure in advance about meeting me. I just couldn't leave. So he said, 'are you going to leave and think about things?' at which point I should have said 'yes' but no, I say, 'let's have a kiss'! Fek. So we start kissing...well he is turned on immediately and the hands and mouths are moving about, then he takes my pants down and lays me down to give me oral, and second man now other than my husband to make me cum, in a stairwell yet! now I have to pleasure him! So I give him head..another satisfied customer. Then, we stand up and are just staring at each other, and he is looking deep into my eyes, trying to read me...he says he sees a 'calmness'; I think he was confused with 'emptiness', cause that is how I felt. Why yes, I came...but I was not connected to him! Fek, now I have to let him down. I mean the one good thing about these situations, is that we make no promises to each other. We are already doing something we shouldn't be, so there is a bit less guilt than conventional, single dating, but hard nonetheless. So I started the let-down email when I got home. I have to ease this one off a bit as I think he saw a long future of fucking with me.

Why do I do this? Kat and I have a few theories...

So who did I text as soon as I got home...A...I asked him if it was okay that I told him I missed him, and he responded 'of course', so I replied, "I miss you!" I really am not hanging onto the idea of being together with him, but I really do miss his conversation and company (via text and email). He is a great guy...

So I guess I need to find another? or shall stick with the Kiwi and one night stands???


  1. I totally have a thing for voices too. I like a manly voice, well and a manly man but the voice has to match the man! Onward and upward!

  2. Oooooops. I thought that you people are talking about Desperate Housewives TV show.

  3. Agnes I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you yesterday. But I think I recall telling you that if you met this guy in a private place that things were going to happen...remember? Next time public places only until you know that this is a "potential" that you want to move forward with.

  4. The way I see it - the end result was beneficial for you as well as him. Oh well if it won't go anywhere from here but it is nice to be on the controlling end of where this goes one way or the other!