Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One more...restless night....

Who am I kidding? I cannot sleep! I am running on adrenalin! A called me this morning and he was laughing at how giddy I am! I am doing a happy dance in my head every second of the day, and the sun is shining today, the birds are singing, cannot get more glorious than this...well it can and hopefully it will tomorrow night!

So Kat is laughing at me as my 'plan' tomorrow night (and let me just share, another added bonus to A so far, is he is also a planner!), is for me to go see A after a sporting practice I have. She cannot believe I am just going to go to the hotel in my sweaty clothes, but I am! And you know what, I already told A and he loves that I have the confidence to show up like that! (truthfully I am just lazy) And don't worry, the shower will be the first stop!

INSERT SCREAM HERE....Bear with me everyone...giddy school girl on the loose!


  1. Yes I am mortified that you will show up there all stinky...first impressions girls!!! LOL But it does show confidence and as long as you hop into the shower (with him) as soon as you walk through the door than I approve. I wouldn't do it but that's just me..LMAO

  2. And we expect to hear ALL about that shower....

    Have fun!!