Thursday, February 11, 2010

Only 7 more sleeps....

It is only 7 more nights before I get to meet A in person. It is craziness I say, craziness. We have talked every day on the phone since we! He has the sexiest voice, the conversation just flows, we even tease one another that the other talks too much. We cannot get enough of each other, if you could eat someone up through email or the phone, we would do that to each other.

I am really, really, really hoping that we connect on a physical level. I mean, based on photographs, we are both very attracted to each other, and then this connection we are having just through phone and email and text, this could be explosive if it all comes together. Kat keeps bugging me cause I have commented on the size of his hands, and really it is not just because of the correlation between hand size and cock size (if that really is true) but I love a man with nice strong hands, mmmm a nice little hair tug with those hands! And a nice strong voice, nothing sexier!

Well we are both bursting, and counting down...the current plan is, he arrives Wednesday night at around 7 (I so wish I could pick him up at the airport!), and then I will go to his hotel Thursday morning, freaking out here (insert big scream), and then, if all goes well, I go back after work...and then if we are still enjoying each other, he may come out to the airport early and I will go pick him up to say goodbye, before I have to take my daughter to school. IF THIS ALL COMES TOGETHER, crossing every body part that it does, I know it will be torture to say goodbye and wait for the next meeting (which is already tentatively in place...I love that he loves to plan like me! Kat will be puking a little bit in her mouth with that comment...she is not a planner, in fact I think I drive her mad sometimes!).

Anyway, I feel a bit bad that here I am jumping out of my skin excited and Kat is awaiting a response to her message to Greg. It was a necessary step, and really it could go either way. Either way, she is a strong woman (way stronger than I am) and she will be right back in the saddle in no time...onward and upward I say!



  1. Hi Agnes Baby,

    I am excited for you and hope all goes well!

    Do keep us posted!

    XOXO as always,


  2. Agnes -

    Just stumbled across your blog via Wifey's. Between your and Kat's posts - there are so many similarities with my situation. Yours got me b/c the whole nervous anticipation is exactly how I feel each time I see the guy I'm involved with. Can't wait to hear how it went!


  3. Oh girls.. words cannot describe how jealous I am that you have each other. The only thing missing is I don't really have a girlfriend I can share all my dirty fun with, this is why I blog. Found you through Wifey and Ms. Scarlett, check out my blog, lots in common. Can't wait to hear more about everything especially your first meet with A, and if Kat gets a reply from Greg. Good stuff!!!

  4. We are very lucky Mrs. M...not sure I could do this without Kat! But I agree, the next best thing is this blogging world, I am still so surprised at how many there are of us out there...I never would have thunk it!