Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We feel like screaming!!!

So stoked for Agnes. She just left to meet A full of nerves but excitement. Thankfully she put her neck out and so wasn't able to do her "sport" and so not stinky when meeting him. (Okay I just realized what I just wrote, sucks that she put out her neck but I had serious concerns about her showing up all stinky) She just sent me a text "HE'S BIG" which I responded "send me a pic"hehe We do share everything after all. I can hear her SCREAMS OF ECSTASY now.

So yes I must say I'm super jealous of Agnes. I had a very frustrating day today as I got up this morning and decided that I would delete Greg's number from my phone. I sent him a "happy V day" message and all I got back was "you too". Like seriously "you too" that is what I get. So after a lot of distant messages as of late I decided to do it..get it over with. Remove the temptation. So I did it..gone, removed. I felt good because for me removing a number is the closure that I need.

As I'm sitting at my desk I hear my phone buzzing and thinking it was just Agnes sending her 100th text about how nervous she was about her upcoming evening with A. But no it's Greg.."I want your body, Happy Humping"...WTF WHY did he have to send me a text...FUCK!!! So while I'm telling Agnes about the text she says "ya I know I got one too"...huh? He send Agnes a text about the guy that she had hooked up with that is in his trust tree. Which is when Agnes starts messaging him back asking him why he hasn't been communicating with me. His response to that was "I have we talk every other day". Hmmmmm not sure what he is talking about as I haven't heard from him in weeks. So now what do I I respond and get all excited that he still wants me? Do I ignore it and pretend I didn't get it and hope that I can have the control not to respond? WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!! As Agnes is trying to talk me off the ledge and of course she is always for sending the messages and ignoring the fact that he hasn't responded to any of my messages in a while I decide to respond with "you too". Hey I figured if he can send such unemotional messages so can I. But the problem now is that I have just joined into "the game". I hate the Game so yes I am SCREAMING WITH FRUSTRATION.


  1. Oh, definitely ignore his text. The most I would send him is that "you too" reply and then REDELETE him!!

    When you send him a nice text wishing him a happy Vday, he's not interested, but he says he wants your body and you're supposed to jump up and clap your hands? Puh-lease. That's got booty call written all over it!!

    Don't play his game, girlfriend, let him wonder about yours.


  2. I'm with Scarlett . . . that's not the fun sort of game to play.

    The fun sort involves much more caring, sincerity, desire, lust, affection, funny movie lines, animal noises, fake accents and costuming than it sounds like he's willing to muster.


  3. I'm the worst person to ask b/c all it takes is one text to me from my lover and I forget everything that he has done to piss me off.

    I'm struggling with it too with HTA - it makes me MENTAL.