Sunday, February 14, 2010

A weekend of lots of tears and maybe a few orgasms...

So where to start or to continue on with Agnes's blogs maybe. I was dealing with some pretty heavy family issues (husband) but I couldn't let him or his problems come in the way of my night with the girls. I didn't even think that I would be into it but as it turned out after a few drinks I was more than raring to go (doesn't take me much). I should have predicted how the evening was going to end just from the ride to the bar as we were already teasing Agnes's husband about how he could be "eating out" 4 beautiful woman..haha. Agnes and I are convinced that he went home with a raging hard on, poor guy.

We were all having an amazing time, getting the attention of a lot of men. Not to be vain or anything but we tend to be the attention of a bar only because we are the ones that look like we are having the most fun...well we probably are. After a while it was time for me to work my magic..poof Kat disappeared into thin air. I did tell Agnes I was leaving but not sure if it registered with her until it was too late I was already getting into a cab with my young student (20ish I think) yikes. We got to his place but he had left his keys with his roommate who was still at the bar so why not just start things off outside while we waited. He kept on saying "fuck you have the luckiest husband" as I am giving him "the best fucking bj". haha oh these poor young boys. Just as he was cumming in my mouth his buddy pulled up and we finally were able to go inside. We all chatted for a while but his friend was even hotter than him so I knew I had to have a piece of him. I know so whorish but I couldn't help it. It was like a scene from a porno and I was in the center of it all.

Thankfully after a while my young architect took me into his room alone (mfm really isn't all that special) and I must say for such a young man he was pretty good. I can't help thinking that I have corrupted them in some way though. Oh well...a story that they can tell for a while until the next best thing comes along.

Agnes kept calling so I totally had to go and I met up with Agnes at "some house" where she was with her "guy friend" that she hasn't tapped as of yet and sort of hoping she doesn't. Just don't think it would be good for their friendship. Anyways, as we were waiting for our other friend L, Agnes left me alone with creepy guy...seriously Agnes don't ever do that again. He tried to get with me, touching me and shit...seriously creeping me out. I told him that I had just had sex with two young boys and the last thing I wanted was to be touched. Thankfully L got there and we all left.

The next morning I felt physically and mentally drained and the fact that the problem I had left behind the night before was not going to be going away made things even worse. So needless to say yesterday I did the whole "I'm never drinking or having sex ever again"...LMFAO who the hell am I kidding.

Well happy V day everyone..hope you all had a good one because mine well...sucked ass!

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