Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three Boyfriends and a Husband

What more could a girl ask for. Each one of them special in their own unique way and fill a void that I need so desperately.

Take the Music Man for instance...we love the same music and doing the same type of things like maybe going to a concert/symphony/theatre..my husband hates doing those things. So the music man fills my passion for music and if I get something more on the side like a great night of music filled sex..well then that would be a bonus.

And then there is B...the sweetest most thoughtful of the four. He lured me in with his words and he's fun and easy to talk to. I feel so at ease and comfortable with him. He's smart and quirky and gets my mind working. Haven't had much of a chance to experience the sexual part of our relationship yet....but I think I might be taking him out of his comfort zone. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.

And then there's DC....I although he has a fantasy about being with two of my friends as well I have maintained that I would not entertain it. He continually says how he will be the best Fuck I have ever had so I would like him to prove it. I guess he has incredible stamina...we'll see if he is up for the challenge. And so if this is true he will be able fulfill my need for a good marathon fucking periodically.

And finally we come to the husband....hmmmmmmmm still undecided what his purpose in my life is. Sad that after nine years he doesn't know me at all or maybe that he doesn't care to know who I am. I guess he's a good father and provider and right now that is all that I need from him.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could find the perfect spouse with all the above qualities and more....I know I'm a dreamer but I can't help it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lap of Luxury

While enjoying a weekend away I thought I would take the opportunity to take some pics for HNT...the hotel was so luxurious I just couldn't resist.

Agnes...close your eyes. LMAO

Monday, March 22, 2010

Out with the Old and in with the New

I had an amazing weekend away.

On Friday I met with Movie Producer for coffee who turned out to be a really nice guy but definitely not my type. We chatted and it was easy being with him and I guess if I hadn't been meeting with B for the first time that night maybe I would have considered more than chatting, but I just couldn't go there. I know sounds really slutty that I would meet two men in one day but you have to understand that I only had the weekend and Friday was the only day that they were available to meet. It did work out perfect though because Movie Producer had to be on the set and pull an all-nighter so coffee in the afternoon was all we could squeeze in.

I was due to meet B at 7:30 so between saying goodbye to Movie Producer at 4:00 I had to squeeze in a pedicure and then run back to the hotel to get ready. Of course I had to update Agnes in between this so I was a bit rushed to get everything done. By 6:30 I realized that I had not eaten all day. Great men have taken over my need to eat as well. So run down for a sandwich and scarf that down and at 7:00 B sends me a text saying that he is about 15 minutes away...fuck he's going to be on time. I did manage to get ready and down to the hotel lounge by 7:30. Thankfully he had problems finding parking so he was a bit late. He had made a plan for us that upon getting to the lounge that we would not talk to each other for 3 minutes and see how we reacted to body language alone (now I'm a very outspoken person and I talk a lot so I was a bit worried about how I would pull this off). Amazingly as soon as I saw him I relaxed and I had no problem feeling comfortable with the 3 minutes of silence. Our hands touched and we looked into each other's eyes it was a great experience. We had further agreed that before speaking after the 3 minutes that we would do a shot of the best Tequila. He ordered 4 shots (which was the first time I heard his voice and it was so much better than I expected) and after shooting our tequila we introduced ourselves. He then leaned over and lightly put his lips on mine. Not a kiss just enough to feel his lips. We sat at the lounge talking and laughing and I was so comfortable with him...we discovered that we had some common interests. We definitely had a connection. He made reference to the series "True Blood" where the vampire has to be invited in by the host. I invited him up to my room.

As soon as the elevator doors closed we were on each other like two teenagers. He is such a good kisser I could of kissed him all night. As soon as the door opened to my hotel room the passion that had started during the 3 minutes of silence continued and he was tender and he told me how he wanted to take it slow because he never wanted it to end. Melting..seriously thought I was melting. With B it was more than just about the sex..it was the connection and how easy it was to be with him. I can't wait to see him again!!!

So this is where I come to the title of this blog...after much thought and spending a weekend all to myself just to think about what my life has to offer I have come to the conclusion that I do not need the garbage men in my life. Dragging me down emotionally and well that is not why I am doing what I'm doing. This was supposed to be fun and me finding the excitement and passion that was missing in my life. So out with the old and in with the new. I am hoping to be strong and reduce my numbers to 1 (Yikes..this may prove to be harder than I think).

Wish me luck..

Friday, March 19, 2010

No HNT for me...how can I compete with Kat on that!

Have not written for a bit, I still need to continue my past stories, the kiwi, my swiss mr. and other yummmy bits and bites...mmmmm bites, but not quite feeling up to it, have been a bit under the weather!

Things have slowed down for me a bit intentionally. I am trying to step back a bit and assess what has been happening in my life. Not just this 'other' life, but work life and home life. Not sure if it is the impending spring or mid-life crisis.

I put my profile back on AM and have been chatting with a few guys (mostly cause I am so envious of all the attention Kat was getting), there is talk of meetings, but I am truthfully putting them off. I have been chatting with a special man as of late, who has been making me feel very special, but is too far away, and we likely will never meet...a girl's gotta have dreams I suppose. Just tough to put your heart and soul into it, when you may never meet, but it is special, fun and exciting nonetheless, and I am happy to have had him come into my life, and light me up. He is man who has a lot to offer!

And then, I have to be honest here, I miss A...I spoke to him at the beginning of the week and he said he needed some alone time, stuff is rocky on the homefront, and he is talking about leaving his wife if things do not change. So hard as it is for me not to text or email, I have totally respected his wishes, and I know he will get back in touch with me when he can; I just miss him. And I worry about him. And of course in the back of my head, I wonder if he does leave his wife, will he then be able to give himself to me, and I will be able to do the same, and what does that mean for my marriage. Totally jumping ahead of myself here...that is what I do. I need to start living in the present!

Happy Weekend everyone...the sun is shining here and the trees are in full bloom, just really makes one super horny! Well me anyway! Ciao

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Okay this will be the first time I partake in the Half Naked Thursday blogs...a bit nervous about it so be nice..LOL

This is my version of "business casual"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update of the Body Count

Thought I would update everyone on what is going on...

I am going away by myself this weekend but hope not to be alone while I am away. I have planned a coffee date with movie producer. I can't wait to meet him actually. He seems like a really nice guy and like I said even if there isn't any chemistry it would be nice just to be friends with him. (Agnes is probably saying to herself right now "how many friends does she need") And Agnes you are probably right but whatever...

I also have a date with B...OMG I am jumping out of my skin excited to meet him. In the past couple of days we have ramped it up a bit through email but nothing like all the other men that jump right to dirty talk without being clever about it first. There is some suggestive things said and wow...he always manages to put a smile on my face. In all of his emails you can tell that he has put thought into them. LOVE THAT!!!!

DC......Booooooo He seriously crushed me. Reeled me in and the fucked me without actually fucking me. Oh well such is life. I know he is already regretting what he did because he is trying really hard to chat with me...I am amazing myself by shutting it down.

I thought that I would try to replace DC with a local guy so decided to meet him for lunch....what a mistake that was. Rode up on his bike, sweaty and dirty. YUCK I may have excused this if he was even remotely hot. So here I was in my "business casual" with this man that looked like he hadn't showered in days. I did have a good laugh afterwards though...live and learn Kat, live and learn.

Still chatting with SM2 but he is so far away that I'm not sure it will really go anywhere. We'll see.

So although my body count was quite lengthy I did manage to skim it down a bit. For right now I am mostly focused on B...Oh and I did get more pics from him (body) and he is perfect. mmmmmm

See you guys after the weekend...I'm planning on a lot of good stories.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Body Count

Okay there is a possibility that I may have bitten off more than I can chew but seriously I'm not sure if I want to spit them out. Of course you all know that I am talking about the abundance of men I have recently acquired on AM. So here is the list...I hope I don't miss anyone:

1. Mr. Movie Producer...very nice but not sure if I'm physically attracted to him. I could see us having a great friendship though. Not sure if he would be into that though. Damn. I have a potential coffee date with him next weekend. I'm actually excited to meet him..see what he is like in person.

2. DC...awwwwww I could seriously get emotionally attached to this one. But as he said this is not what I want (and I really don't). So I am hoping that I can disconnect any kind of emotional feelings that I may acquire with him and focus on experiencing some great passionate sex.

3. B: Okay this is the man that intrigues me the most. He is witty and gets my creative juices flowing. Love that. I have only seen head shots but still I am so fascinated by his mind that all I can think about is being with him..not even physically but mentally. Something about a man that leaves everything to my imagination with his words alone. I got dressed this morning with him in mind as he was so turned on that I wear business casual attire to work. Pencil skirts and tight white crisp blouses turns him on...WOW So that is what I wore today...just for him. May have to send him a picture.

Okay had to add the pic for you Jimmy..;)

4. Swiss Mr. 2: I would love to give this one to Agnes. He is definitely more her type and although I enjoy how attentive he is and how his words make me feel I'm not sure if he is physically my perfect man. Oh don't get me wrong..he has an amazing body, actually really yummy. We'll see what happens...obviously if there is not connection when we meet (if we meet) than I can maybe hook him up with Agnes. (I would do anything for that girl..;))

5. Jack: Exactly what I am looking for physically. Actually he might be perfect...a cross between Brad Pitt and (oh what's that actors name from 90210, Dillon). Haven't really chatted much with him yet so we will see how that goes.

6. There are a few more (believe it or not) but don't know much about them yet so I will let you know how it goes.

So what do you think...should I let a few of them go? Should I clean house or wait to see if I make a connection with any of them? Keep in mind that I have not physically met any of them yet. hmmmmmm? What to do? Help?

Agnes is away for the weekend and I will miss her like you can't even believe. Thank god for cell phones and texting. I'm sure I will get a few from her about how she is being naughty (it's pretty much a given)...lol

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kiwi for snacktime today...

Nothing like a mid-morning Kiwi-protein snack...I highly recommend it!

Alas, I met up with my sweet Kiwi, after putting him off for weeks...he was a happy boy to see me, and even more satisfied upon departure! Man, I love his lips, next time I want them elsewhere...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The Ashley Madison website has been good to me. I have an abundance of men wanting my attention but now I have to weed through the ones that I want to keep (even if it's only for chatting with) and the ones that I have to let go. Way too many to keep track of and it has become a fulltime job really. But I must say that SM2 (He is an identical look alike to Agnes's Swiss Mr.) has seriously blown my mind away. This is the message I got first thing this morning...Wow:

I hope you had a good evening. I have season tickets to the symphony and went last night. It was ????, an amazingly robust Italian symphony, complete wtih the symphonice choir and four soloists. The music was exquisite. movemetn interplayed beautifully. It's a symphonic rendering the suffering of the Virgin Mary at the passion of the Christ. The mood was dark and evocative--beautiful in its intense melancholy. The final movement was particularly gripping, filled with dynamic and pulsing passion...almost painfully erotic. The score was like tapestry, interweaving with intricate precision. The effect of the whole almost made you rise and levitate and soar, then plunge into blackness. It was moving.

I thought, then, about you, your hair, the deep pools in your eyes, the graceful lines of your neck, and your soft, delicious skin, your lips slightly parting, your delicious nipples hardening from the arousal of operatic pulse....and how you would feel, your head now filled with Rossini, your ears now ringing wtih twisting, soaring melancholy, and how you feel with my hands caressing you in the dark, my lips tracign the graceful curves of your neck, my mouth meeting yours....

And I thought of fucking you in the dark, back in my loft with the city lights blinking below. I thought of lifting you onto the island in my kitchen, sliding your black dress up your thighs, pulling your breasts into view, just as in your picture...and I would not even take my suit off, my shirt unbuttoned, my coat on the floor, my cock throbing to enter you, to fuck you right there in the dark against the backdrop of the city...to stand there and fucking you, with the pain and passion of an Italian sympony roaring in our ears....

Could all be bullshit but it is well written and I enjoyed reading it.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Wow..never thought in a million years I would find what I was looking for on an internet website.  It took looking at a lot of cock shots to find him but I think he might be the one (the long term guy). 

The AM site can be a bit overwelming.  In one day I was getting 150 messages with 98% of those messages being from men that thought showing pictures of thier cocks and not their faces would attract woman.  Seriously???  No offence to the men out there but do men actually think that woman will make a decision on who to contact only by a picture of your dicks.  Oh it makes me laugh everytime I think of all those cocks staring back at me.  LOL  I finally changed my profile to indicate that if they were only going to show me pictures of their cocks not to bother messaging me.  Not a huge turn on.  If after I like what I see (face, body, etc.) and I enjoy talking to that man than I will ask to see more.  Makes sense doesn't it?  Who knows maybe I am the exception and there are lots of woman out there that will make a decision by the size of a man's cock alone.

Anyways back to "the one" which I will call DC.  I messaged him saying that I was interested in learning more about him.  From his pictures he had the most amazing green eyes and when we started talking he was funny and didn't jump right into the sex talk (yes most men thinking that telling me they want to fuck me in their openning line is another turn on).  The unfortunate part is that he lives 5 hours away so visits will be infrequent which really sucks.  Thankfully we have mastered the art of webcams.  I must say that I look forward to seeing his face every night...or his initial text "hey".  Love that.  Now if I could just get him to stop calling me babe..it will be almost perfect.LOL  We are supposed to be meeting in a few weeks.  I'm excited and the anticipation will drive me absolutly crazy but isn't that half the fun.  Hopefully it all works out...fingers and toes crossed.

Now there was another man that I am interested in that I met on AM (not as special as DC) and may be a potential just in case something doesn't work out with DC.  And of course I am still holding on to Greg.  Slowly trying to faze him out of my life but not quite ready to totally let go yet.


Yes, Kat and I have been a bit silent...Kat has barely pulled her fingers off the keyboard since going on AM and her web cam bulb is almost burnt out! I have been laying somewhat low, a few chats here and there that filtered out of AM...the young massage therapist and tantra teacher and I have been sending a few steamy messages to one another, he gives me a daily task! Still trying to shake P, who apparently I had quite an impact on (i think he is finally gone?). Had one interesting guy send me a picture of him doing his wife when we talked of exchanging photographs...I am sure she would be very impressed to know that I saw it (still shaking my head on that one)! I never was able to get together with my Kiwi over the last couple of weeks (despite his peristence). I think I need a bit of a breather...but we all know it will never be over...

Anyway, I am going to try and get back to finishing my stories that have led me to the here and now...stay tuned!

Happy Friday Everyone! Have fun with HTA, GLNO!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The post Big bits and bites continued...

So where was I...ahhh PPM...well it was the annual martini party and what a surprise, Kat was out for a visit! This a ladies' only party, with topless bartenders. This past year we had two sets of guys...it was great! Well many martinis were drunk and then it was time to hit the town. Well by this time it was late and one of the gals suggest an after hours club. So off we went in the taxi cab...still not quite sure where it was located?! In we walk and the music is pumping, I am sure the ectasy was being popped...I felt like I had walked into a hall party (anyone remember those?). So there is Kat and two other friends and I all dancing...when this tall, lanky guy starts talking to me (the girls said we immediately kissed, but i don't remember that, not that I don't believe it). All I remember is laughing; he was really funny.

Next thing I know we are sittin on a couch and talking and laughing and kissing, the other two friends decide to take off, and when I look across the room I see Kat sitting on some guy's lap with her tongue down his throat, so I figure it's okay if I just carry on chatting with PPM. He has quite the story even in that short time, but the story he starts to tell is how good he is at oral, and how badly he wants to show me. He does tell me that he too is married, and has never done this before, but is desparate to take me to a hotel so that he can show me his skills. In the meantime, I get a call (Kat's usual move), she is in a cab and is heading to her guy's house (I think that was JD) and I am to call her later...

So, PPM and I hit the streets on foot, he says he wants to take me to a classy hotel, so we head to one close by...the problem is, he has no credit card, and I was not going to use mine. So we walk all over town going into lobby after lobby, I am so mortified every time and also fearful I may see someone but it is about 4 a.m. at this point. But he is bound and determined! So finally we cab it to a hotel just slightly out of town, clean but cheap and alas they take DEBIT. Well I was dying as he is checking in and chatting up the front desk, and making comments about him and has wife (me) and that we had been shopping all day or something ridiculous (as if, and gee where is our luggage??? the front desk dude clearly knew what we were doing there). Anyway, up we go to the room...and the games begin! I once again successfully soaked the bed, and my young lad was quite impressed, a wee bit surprised and I think even slightly grossed out...and Kat is making me add this part, the young lad slipped into the back door and we were both pleasantly surprised how good it felt and how easy it all happened...a first for him, and for me I think.

Anyway, he took my name and email and when I got to work on Monday, there was a long note from him. We talked about whether we should do this again, he was quite freaked out by the whole event. I said let's just chat, not get together again...blah blah blah. But with me that never happens, we met each other over and over again,all car visits and one visit at my parents' vacant house. We emailed and texted all the time, he was so cute...messed up but cute, and the motivation for me of course is that he wanted me, and that I had something he needed.

Him and his wife actually recently split, there really was nothing there anyway, they were two totally different people. We send each other the odd text but we likely will never sleep together again. It was a nice distraction he was my PPM!

Now who was next???

The Kiwi?