Friday, March 5, 2010


Wow..never thought in a million years I would find what I was looking for on an internet website.  It took looking at a lot of cock shots to find him but I think he might be the one (the long term guy). 

The AM site can be a bit overwelming.  In one day I was getting 150 messages with 98% of those messages being from men that thought showing pictures of thier cocks and not their faces would attract woman.  Seriously???  No offence to the men out there but do men actually think that woman will make a decision on who to contact only by a picture of your dicks.  Oh it makes me laugh everytime I think of all those cocks staring back at me.  LOL  I finally changed my profile to indicate that if they were only going to show me pictures of their cocks not to bother messaging me.  Not a huge turn on.  If after I like what I see (face, body, etc.) and I enjoy talking to that man than I will ask to see more.  Makes sense doesn't it?  Who knows maybe I am the exception and there are lots of woman out there that will make a decision by the size of a man's cock alone.

Anyways back to "the one" which I will call DC.  I messaged him saying that I was interested in learning more about him.  From his pictures he had the most amazing green eyes and when we started talking he was funny and didn't jump right into the sex talk (yes most men thinking that telling me they want to fuck me in their openning line is another turn on).  The unfortunate part is that he lives 5 hours away so visits will be infrequent which really sucks.  Thankfully we have mastered the art of webcams.  I must say that I look forward to seeing his face every night...or his initial text "hey".  Love that.  Now if I could just get him to stop calling me will be almost perfect.LOL  We are supposed to be meeting in a few weeks.  I'm excited and the anticipation will drive me absolutly crazy but isn't that half the fun.  Hopefully it all works out...fingers and toes crossed.

Now there was another man that I am interested in that I met on AM (not as special as DC) and may be a potential just in case something doesn't work out with DC.  And of course I am still holding on to Greg.  Slowly trying to faze him out of my life but not quite ready to totally let go yet.

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  1. Lol @ "Now if I could just get him to stop calling me babe" . . .

    Who is this guy, Michael Scott?

    [I hope you watch The Office, or this comment won't make sense.]