Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lap of Luxury

While enjoying a weekend away I thought I would take the opportunity to take some pics for HNT...the hotel was so luxurious I just couldn't resist.

Agnes...close your eyes. LMAO


  1. You could have warned me!!!!

    Seriously, I can never post a pic...

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  3. That's one alluring pose, and an even more appealing body... there are half a dozen specific points of note for me, one's a very obvious 'point of note'(!), and the remainder flow into one another as a result of the beautiful curves, tones and shadows that make the whole package so desirable... Thank you for the gift shared :) My linen trousers have most certainly changed shape thanks to my huge bulge.... Time to do something about it... sighssssss x

    (Sorry had to re-edit last post due typos!)

  4. gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

    ...and Agnes, I'm sure we'd feel the same about it should you post, hon. ;)

  5. Thank you for passing by Kat :) Just had to refresh the picture I had of you in my mind's eye, and the return visit has been well rewarded... thank goodness for HNT! Keep them up ;) x

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful comments...always get a bit nervous putting such a revealing picture of myself on here.

    Jim: I too think Agnes should do the next HNT (She has the best tits)..LOL

    Agnes: Sorry but you've already seen all of this before so didn't think you would ya.

  7. So sexy Kat, I agree it's Agnes turn!