Friday, March 19, 2010

No HNT for can I compete with Kat on that!

Have not written for a bit, I still need to continue my past stories, the kiwi, my swiss mr. and other yummmy bits and bites...mmmmm bites, but not quite feeling up to it, have been a bit under the weather!

Things have slowed down for me a bit intentionally. I am trying to step back a bit and assess what has been happening in my life. Not just this 'other' life, but work life and home life. Not sure if it is the impending spring or mid-life crisis.

I put my profile back on AM and have been chatting with a few guys (mostly cause I am so envious of all the attention Kat was getting), there is talk of meetings, but I am truthfully putting them off. I have been chatting with a special man as of late, who has been making me feel very special, but is too far away, and we likely will never meet...a girl's gotta have dreams I suppose. Just tough to put your heart and soul into it, when you may never meet, but it is special, fun and exciting nonetheless, and I am happy to have had him come into my life, and light me up. He is man who has a lot to offer!

And then, I have to be honest here, I miss A...I spoke to him at the beginning of the week and he said he needed some alone time, stuff is rocky on the homefront, and he is talking about leaving his wife if things do not change. So hard as it is for me not to text or email, I have totally respected his wishes, and I know he will get back in touch with me when he can; I just miss him. And I worry about him. And of course in the back of my head, I wonder if he does leave his wife, will he then be able to give himself to me, and I will be able to do the same, and what does that mean for my marriage. Totally jumping ahead of myself here...that is what I do. I need to start living in the present!

Happy Weekend everyone...the sun is shining here and the trees are in full bloom, just really makes one super horny! Well me anyway! Ciao


  1. Just be careful ... grass is not always greener. I was just saying on another blog that the problem with affairs and online stuff is that it's not real. You don't pay the bills, go grocery shopping and you don't see the other all the time. You can put your best foot forward and on line you have the buffer. Your not face to face.

    Before I made the jump - and yes I did. I needed to know that he was as good in the real world - day to day. The thrill of texting and meeting and all that ... it's fantasy and it can't last. I got lucky I think. He is the real thing and I’ve never been happier. But the real work was on me - with me myself and I. And that meant time alone.

    I wonder why I rarely see that. Time with NO men.

  2. That is so true Fantasia, and thanks for your perspective on things. I think I truly do need some time lonely though...tee hee!

    And update on A...I heard from him and he had a great week with kids and wife, and is feeling good about his marriage again. I truly am happy for him and envy him on so many levels.