Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The post Big bits and bites continued...

So where was I...ahhh PPM...well it was the annual martini party and what a surprise, Kat was out for a visit! This a ladies' only party, with topless bartenders. This past year we had two sets of was great! Well many martinis were drunk and then it was time to hit the town. Well by this time it was late and one of the gals suggest an after hours club. So off we went in the taxi cab...still not quite sure where it was located?! In we walk and the music is pumping, I am sure the ectasy was being popped...I felt like I had walked into a hall party (anyone remember those?). So there is Kat and two other friends and I all dancing...when this tall, lanky guy starts talking to me (the girls said we immediately kissed, but i don't remember that, not that I don't believe it). All I remember is laughing; he was really funny.

Next thing I know we are sittin on a couch and talking and laughing and kissing, the other two friends decide to take off, and when I look across the room I see Kat sitting on some guy's lap with her tongue down his throat, so I figure it's okay if I just carry on chatting with PPM. He has quite the story even in that short time, but the story he starts to tell is how good he is at oral, and how badly he wants to show me. He does tell me that he too is married, and has never done this before, but is desparate to take me to a hotel so that he can show me his skills. In the meantime, I get a call (Kat's usual move), she is in a cab and is heading to her guy's house (I think that was JD) and I am to call her later...

So, PPM and I hit the streets on foot, he says he wants to take me to a classy hotel, so we head to one close by...the problem is, he has no credit card, and I was not going to use mine. So we walk all over town going into lobby after lobby, I am so mortified every time and also fearful I may see someone but it is about 4 a.m. at this point. But he is bound and determined! So finally we cab it to a hotel just slightly out of town, clean but cheap and alas they take DEBIT. Well I was dying as he is checking in and chatting up the front desk, and making comments about him and has wife (me) and that we had been shopping all day or something ridiculous (as if, and gee where is our luggage??? the front desk dude clearly knew what we were doing there). Anyway, up we go to the room...and the games begin! I once again successfully soaked the bed, and my young lad was quite impressed, a wee bit surprised and I think even slightly grossed out...and Kat is making me add this part, the young lad slipped into the back door and we were both pleasantly surprised how good it felt and how easy it all happened...a first for him, and for me I think.

Anyway, he took my name and email and when I got to work on Monday, there was a long note from him. We talked about whether we should do this again, he was quite freaked out by the whole event. I said let's just chat, not get together again...blah blah blah. But with me that never happens, we met each other over and over again,all car visits and one visit at my parents' vacant house. We emailed and texted all the time, he was so cute...messed up but cute, and the motivation for me of course is that he wanted me, and that I had something he needed.

Him and his wife actually recently split, there really was nothing there anyway, they were two totally different people. We send each other the odd text but we likely will never sleep together again. It was a nice distraction he was my PPM!

Now who was next???

The Kiwi?

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