Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update of the Body Count

Thought I would update everyone on what is going on...

I am going away by myself this weekend but hope not to be alone while I am away. I have planned a coffee date with movie producer. I can't wait to meet him actually. He seems like a really nice guy and like I said even if there isn't any chemistry it would be nice just to be friends with him. (Agnes is probably saying to herself right now "how many friends does she need") And Agnes you are probably right but whatever...

I also have a date with B...OMG I am jumping out of my skin excited to meet him. In the past couple of days we have ramped it up a bit through email but nothing like all the other men that jump right to dirty talk without being clever about it first. There is some suggestive things said and wow...he always manages to put a smile on my face. In all of his emails you can tell that he has put thought into them. LOVE THAT!!!!

DC......Booooooo He seriously crushed me. Reeled me in and the fucked me without actually fucking me. Oh well such is life. I know he is already regretting what he did because he is trying really hard to chat with me...I am amazing myself by shutting it down.

I thought that I would try to replace DC with a local guy so decided to meet him for lunch....what a mistake that was. Rode up on his bike, sweaty and dirty. YUCK I may have excused this if he was even remotely hot. So here I was in my "business casual" with this man that looked like he hadn't showered in days. I did have a good laugh afterwards and learn Kat, live and learn.

Still chatting with SM2 but he is so far away that I'm not sure it will really go anywhere. We'll see.

So although my body count was quite lengthy I did manage to skim it down a bit. For right now I am mostly focused on B...Oh and I did get more pics from him (body) and he is perfect. mmmmmm

See you guys after the weekend...I'm planning on a lot of good stories.


  1. "Ginger" doesn't strike me as a man's nickname . . . I keep thinking of the starlet on Gilligan's Island, in her sparkly dress.

    And dating myself, in the process . . .


  2. Did you get another pic Kat and not share? Are you holding out on me again???

    I know who Ginger is Jim...

  3. We're so old . . . there's no telling what sort of stuff we might find we like together ;-)


  4. Okay I know you guys are older than me and all but I even know Gilligan's Island. haha

    But Jimmy you are old because in today's lingo "ginger" means someone with red Please tell me you knew that already.

  5. Umm . . . no.

    Can we call him "the Flying Tomato," or something?

    Wait, it's not HIM, is it? ;-)