Friday, April 30, 2010

The Deed Has Been Done!!!!!

For me that usually means the end of things, but we will see what happens from here on out! I will stay positive this time...and with single guy it is a different kind of relationship.

Well for a guy who has not had sex for 4 years, he did very well! I have to say I am feeling a bit sleepy and content.

I arrived at the hotel with door ajar, candles burning and a naked man in bed...who wouldn't want to go in! He motioned for me to the bed and we greeted each other with a nice kiss, which soon quickened into a deeper, more excited kiss. I quickly undressed as I could not leave him lying naked all alone. At first we just felt each others bodies and continued to kiss. He soon moved his head to my nipples and down my stomach and then teased me with his tongue on my inner thighs, and back up again. You have to understand I do not often get the luxury of time with my men, so to take things slowly is difficult for me, I have to exercise extreme patience and try to master the art of restraint. I let him continue to discover my body with his tongue, I every so often took his cock in my hand, but I did not want to exicte him too much as I did not want him to cum too quickly (and selfishly I wanted him to make me cum again like he did last time with his mouth and tongue). Before long he had me cumming and my body was writhing with pleasure, and I expressed that he need to fuck me now...he complied of course! And he knew I enjoyed being on top, so told me to get on top. It really was quite shortlived as it had been some time that cock of his had been inside of a pussy, and I think the sensation of same was too overwhelming for him, he quickly came (I love how he pulses out his cum).

We lay there stroking one another and cuddling and kissing, he really is great with massage, he even massaged my face and kissed my face. And we talked, with the ease that we always do and he told me how sexy I am (although it always embarrases me, I love it!). I turned my back to him and not long before he was rubbing my ass and sliding a finger or two into my pussy, still so wet from our fuck. I was kind of surprised he was ready so soon, but not disappointed. Next thing he said, wait there, and he went and got 'gloved' up for me, this time he was nice and hard and he slid right in from behind. I turned over so I was almost face down on the bed, but I also recalled he had talked about how nothing turns him on more than having a woman on all fours so that he can watch her ass and pussy from behind and watch his cock go in and out of her pussy. So, being the nice person I am, I granted him his wish and went up on all fours and allowed him to pump me from behind. This time it was a much more forceful fuck, he was in his element and next thing I knew, the waterfall began, I was gushing from his cock driving into me at that angle. I love that sensation and so did he, he soon came and once again pulsed inside of me.

We lay again the dry bed! We talked and caressed and cuddled. I even tried to get another rise out of him, but sadly we had to get to work! We said goodbye with a nice big hug and a kiss.

Now want to hear something really funny??? (as a quick aside, when I got to the car to check my text messages, I had one from A he had been out of the country and had just returned to say 'hi') On my way to work I stopped at my usual coffee shop for my Friday treat, and who do I see...the KIWI!!!!!!!! I could see this nice looking guy and we both looked and then I realized it was him! I was not sure if appropriate to say 'hi' but he did, so then I did too. I went to order my coffee and texted him to ask if it were okay for me to talk to him. He texted back "yup". So I sat with him for a bit before I headed out. He asked 'what time do you go to work?', I just said 'oh, normally earlier but I had an errand to do this morning...' He looked at me a bit strange, I wonder if he knew I had just been fucked in a hotel room?! LOL Of course he texted me right after, asking if I had time to meet today...I declined!

Oh!!!! And when i got back to the office, I opened my bag to find two condoms in there...WTF...I quickly texted single guy to ask him what is the meaning of that, is he trying to get me busted or something. And he replied to say that they must have fallen in, hmmmm...I sure fekn hope so...not funny!!!!!! He did also say a 'sorry', right after that.

Anyway people...that is my Friday morning...not sure I can keep up this Friday activity! I do have fam coming to town on Sunday, for a month, so activities will need to be curtailed somewhat. Hope you are all enjoying sunshine, enjoy your weekends!!!!!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

And the week comes to a happy close...

Well i started off the week with a "Fuuuuuuck" and will finish the week with a fuck! But a good one!

Good thing I had a backup (or two)! Out with the englishman, and the runner up, single man, moves to the front of the line! I am kidding, sort of, he has always been a contender, but things have been moving slow and steady with him. I had my massage and oral pleasures last Friday, and tomorrow we are meeting again, I think this time to do the 'deed'! See Wanderer, I can wait! This will be our 4th date I think, hmmm maybe 5th?!

Anyway, he has not had sex since 2006! I wonder if he is nervous at all, I know I am...I hope I can make it worth his while!

No word from the englishman, and I have kept up my promise not to contact him. I do really miss him, we had such a fun connection. But I respect that he needs to sort things out with fam, family is always first and foremost. Who knows, maybe one day he will come back again...they quite often do!

Will let you know how the 'date' goes!

P.S. Kat is forcing me to post a HNT pick...stay tuned...and be nice!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I am done!!!!!!!!! This shit is too much for me to handle!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I cannot get enough...I don't what was worse...thinking I would never meet the englishman, T, or now that I have met him we want each other even more! We have talked at least a couple times a day since we met in person. We email and text constantly. He said the other day that I am costing him money as he cannot concentrate on work and his business. And I too, am getting no work done. What is this????

Poor Kat is worried about me having these feelings, but I cannot help them. It is so hard to understand what is going on...T told me today I am perfect, the whole package...I talk sports, I give headers and swallow, I watch porn with my husband, etc etc...I teased and said, 'oh yah, I am a real catch...the men are lining up, I have to beat them off with a stick' ...he said I could 'beat him with a stick' then he retracted that as we both agreed we are not into that stuff...LOL

Anyway, nightie night...sweet dreams all, I know what I will be dreaming about, I hope you are all enjoying some sweet dreams too!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Uh Oh!!!!!!

Well...update...I have been chatting with a few guys from AM...all decent, really nice guys. I had met two, there were talks of the third flying out this week to see me, and the fourth and maybe final, I met yesterday!

The first is a single man, I spoke of before. And I have to say he is really growing on me. Super casual, putting my needs ahead of his constantly, almost to a fault. A wee bit of naughty talk, but not over the top, just enough to suprise me and intrigue me. We have had a coffee date and two kissing dates, the second one led to a bit more...but not in the 'deed'. And what I thought initially was a very small cock, pleasantly revealed itself as being much much more.

The second fellow, is a grape grower (for wine), we had a coffee date which ended in a makeout session in his truck, a reveal of his cock, and a dip of his fingers, but unfortunately the visit was cut short due to watching eyes!

So third guy, still not sure about, put him off this week as a result of being unsure, but he still has my interest...but I don't want him to be flying out just to see me, when I am unsure. If it works out he has business when we are in the same city, then great, but if not, I think we will backburner him.

And the fourth and potentially final one, and who has influenced the title of this blog, is the englishman! I finally met him yesterday, despite many hurdles i.e. cancellation due to family issues, wife reading an email message from me the night before we were to meet, etc etc, I never thought it would come through. A friend of Kat's even figured it was going to be a sting operation by the wife, which I have to say was in the back of mind, that and the thought that maybe they were a some kinky couple and they both wanted to get with me, as his wife actually came to town with him yesterday (he dropped her off shopping while he came to see me, "his client"). Anyway, despite all my paranoia...he picked me up near work yesterday and as I had hoped, we immediately clicked, we started off with a kiss (despite me shaking like a leaf!).

We discussed whether or not we go to a hotel, but in all honesty there was just not enough time and I really did have fears of the wife following us! We ended up just driving to a park nearby...I found the perfect spot, until I looked up to see two lawn bowlers and many dog walkers! Oh well, we jumped in the backseat and kissed away, it was very hot and passionate, as it can be in a car, and we would stop and stare deeply into one another's eyes and grin (I know, sorry Kat this is where you start barfing!). He smelled so good, and really is a very attractive man, he thought I was pretty good too, and continued to express that, I think I blushed most of the time. We continued to kiss and grope...note to self: do not wear tights and boots when meeting in a car!!!! more specifically, control top tights! I knew we could only do so much in a car, in this public venue, and I also really did not want to flood the backseat of his car, so I had to hold back a bit which was a bit of a drag, but I did want to make this a pleasurable experience for him, so I did give him head, which I am pretty sure he enjoyed by his expletives of "Fuck...oh fuck...FUUUUUCCK" and of course the deposit made in my mouth. I don't know? Just thinkig he may have enjoyed it???

Anyway, that is a very minor part of what makes him the "Uh Oh", after that, we continued to kiss, cuddle and talk, and was sooooooo comfortable, both of us expressed how odd it was that we were having these this what they call a connection? I have this with A too...but A is now just a friend. To have this with Englishman, and US both feeling the sexual attraction, is a bit overwhelming. When I asked him today what part he enjoyed most of yesterday (and I told him to leave out the bj), he said it was when I laid back on his chest and he had his arms wrapped around me, and we were just talking and kissing, and how comfortable it was. I told him I felt exactly the same (and that I did also enjoy his fingers discovering my wet pussy...LOL). Just being honest!

Anyway, i did not want to get out of the car when he dropped me off...and I have not got a stitch of work done today as him and I have been emailing all was almost better not having met him...because now we just want more of each other, we only got a taste...and we are not sure when we can! But we do know for sure...we will not be meeting in his car!!!! Two hotel rooms have been selected and at the ready depending on whether he comes here or I go there!

Breathe right? Could this be it? The one who stops me from serial dating, the one who can fulfill all my needs (along with my husband of course). EEEEK One step at a time, right? One step at a time! I just politely put off grape grower today (and with me I never like to completely close a door, so it was not a final send off, just like out of town traveller guy), so that leaves single man...I may still need to keep him as back up, and I have been completely up front with him and he has said that he would be happy if at the end of the day we have each made a friend.

Happy Thursday everyone...

Treading in new waters...

Or whatever the saying is...

So this week I think I just had a taste of what an open marriage would be this case it is Kat and I who are the married couple, deciding to embark on calculated sharing of partners! EEEK

As you know Kat had the bust, but do you think this really was enough to stop it all, is that even possible right now? I know I wouldn't be able to, you cannot just turn off what is inside of you, and what has become so second nature. Well anyway, Kat was in 'need' of a lil' something (especially with all that is going on in her life, the poor girl needed an escape). And being the good friend that I am, I offered up my Kiwi! We have always joked about it amongst ourselves, and I have even mentioned it to him, and of course everytime I have, he would get excited and say 'really, you would be okay with that?', and up until now I was not. But for some reason this week, I feel okay about it. So Kat and I sent a text to Kiwi while we were out for lunch on Tuesday and set the wheels in motion. At first we decided that maybe we could both go meet him, with the condition that I would get to go first. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I just could not be there (Kat and I know we could never do a threesome together, neither her or I are comfortable with that at this point...but never say never, right?! and after some vodka aka the devil's can never say never, stranger things have happened to us!).

I gave Kiwi Kat's email address as he wanted to chat first, get to know her...he is such a gentleman. They both discussed that this was a bit awkward and that both had concerns about their relationships with me, along with him asking how she liked to cum! (again, what a gentleman!) I assured them both that all was okay. I even sent them both a message this morning (well talked to Kat, texted Kiwi as I passed him on the highway on his way to Kat's!), that I wanted to hear how it went afterwards. I decided that I would rather know than drive myself mad by imagining what happened and how they thought it went.

So they met this morning...I got the call from Kat following the 'encounter' and she said, 'it was sex, it was good...he is definitely more your type than mine...not a fan of the accent'...he said, 'it was different [from me]'. And then of course I asked him, 'You still like me best though, right?' (knowing what the response would be, as again he is a nice guy...who wants to get in my pants again), he responded 'of course!'. (I know, I am insecure...I will be the first to admit it).

Not sure where things will go from here. Kat said she is not likely to see him again, but I know he will want to see her again. I mean really, who wouldn't? You have seen her HNT pictures; I would do her if I were that way inclined!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kiwi for breakfast...

I have such a soft spot for my Kiwi...and what better way to start off the day than with a good ol' cock sucking and a cum shot! mmmmm protein!

I know, I digress, I was supposed to be stepping back, but I have, it's just that Kiwi truly does hold a soft spot in my heart (or is that my loins), he loves my 'titties' as he calls them and he loves me sucking his cock...and I love kissing his soft lips, and admittedly sucking his nice cock, and when the biotch Aunt Flo is not visiting, fucking him...

Yikes! Such language today, but no other way to describe encounters with my beloved Kiwi!

Oh right, HNT is for posting pics, not for sucking cock...ooops misread the memo on that one!

Have a good day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love Hump Day

Okay, I think the englishman has made it up to me for cancelling yesterday with this message this morning:

Happy Wednesday!

Here I am sitting in my office eating pineapple for breakfast and thinking of you. I have a big meeting this morning so I thought I would send this note to get your day going in the right way. And offer you a poem:-

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Can't wait till Saturday
When I can have you!

kisses on your neck,


Should I keep him?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I hate weekends...

I actually love weekends, but it is most definitely slow on communications with those of us who are married ie. family etc blah blah blah. But for me, my husband works every Saturday (and of course this good Friday), so two days all by myself to get into trouble, but no one to get into trouble with!

I have been a bit quiet, mostly due to all that is going on around me. Kat's situation has strongly affected me, not just on the level that it could easily have been me, but because I am watching my friend going through all this and she is hurting deeply (she was on that road despite recent events), and as a result I hurt for her too (she is my twin afterall, mini-me so to speak!).

I have been trying to make some changes. Giving up men altogether is not an option...yet! But the nature of it has changed. I was starting to feel a bit cheap, and not being true to who I am as a person. I actually went out on Thursday night and did not end up in a hotel room. Okay, I was not totally innocent, I did APPARENTLY kiss a 22 year old (doesn't really count as I have no recollection of the event), and I did kiss another guy in our cab on the way home (but I did not go to the hotel room, he was offering to get). But that all was alcohol induced, which has also led me to another decision this weekend, NO MORE VODKA!!!!!! Many bad decisions have been made on those nights.

I have met two men recently from AM (well one physically) and another just online and we hope to meet face to face on Tuesday. The fellow I met up with is a very nice man, we just had coffee. I am not really physically that attracted to him, and I have told him that (in a nice way of course), but I really enjoy talking to him (not even dirty talk). He is a very successful businessman and very interesting to talk with. He is also single and that worries me, again I have shared that concern. Plus, I asked him why would he want to get involved with a liar and a cheater, and he so kindly responded, 'there is more to you than that'...(hmmm probably just trying to get into my pants! LOL). Anyway, I will continue to talk to him, as it is nice to have a man friend; and so far that is where things are at. He definitely wants to take it further, I have had 4 installments so far of a story he is writing far we are at a candlelit foot rub, he is just now at my panties...

The second man, I have been chatting with I am attracted to physically (well from pics anyway) and he is a jolly ol' englishman (not so ol'). Again, the conversations are fun and witty and not all about sucking cock and 'what are you wearing'. We have spoken on the phone now a few times and I love his voice (he passed the voice test), and he makes me laugh. I told him that we likely will never be able to get with each other physically as we will be laughing too hard. He told me to withhold my laughter when he takes his pants off, that would just be cruel! Anyway, he makes me giddy whenever I am chatting online or by phone, he makes me feel good about myself. I really want to take things slow, plus who knows he may really be bald, 5'4" with bad teeth?! (he keeps teasing me about that...and you never know with some of these AM guys).

There is a third guy, my eastern boy, I have chatted on the phone a few times, he is very physically attractive, funny, down to earth, but very driven by sex. He told me he wants to have me at least 20 times to himself before we add a third! LOL Again, a man who makes me laugh. I am just not sure I am ready for that. It's funny, I have had so much sex in the last year, it is like I want to 'virgin-ize' myself that possible? does that make any sense?

I am also missing my special friend who I have been chatting with and who always makes me feel so good. See....I hate weekends, spring break, easter...really is cutting into me getting the attention I love and crave!

Anyway, Happy Easter everyone...hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, hopefully some of you are getting lucky, I will let you know how my meeting goes on Tuesday with the englishman!

And I was going to post an HNT pic this week, but things got a bit sidetracked...maybe next Thursday...maybe I will just use Kat as my body-double!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life as I knew it is Officially OVER!!!

No worse feeling in the world than getting a call from your husband saying "You left your email account many men have you been fucking and if you want to save our marriage you better get home now!!!".  He did read some pretty nasty stuff but thankfully not everything.  "honey, I got wrapped up into the online world of sex"..."there was never any physical contact with anyone".  We are now working towards rebuilding our relationship.  In a way, although I hate that he looks at me with such disgust and he will probably never trust me again, I knew that it had gone too far and now I'm ready to put my life back together.  Not sure how or what that will entail but I owe it not only to him but to myself and most of all to our kids to make the change.  My desires and passions will not disappear but I'm hoping I can fuel them in a safer way. 

I will be back to check up on all of you vicariously through your lives, so you better make it good.