Thursday, April 29, 2010

And the week comes to a happy close...

Well i started off the week with a "Fuuuuuuck" and will finish the week with a fuck! But a good one!

Good thing I had a backup (or two)! Out with the englishman, and the runner up, single man, moves to the front of the line! I am kidding, sort of, he has always been a contender, but things have been moving slow and steady with him. I had my massage and oral pleasures last Friday, and tomorrow we are meeting again, I think this time to do the 'deed'! See Wanderer, I can wait! This will be our 4th date I think, hmmm maybe 5th?!

Anyway, he has not had sex since 2006! I wonder if he is nervous at all, I know I am...I hope I can make it worth his while!

No word from the englishman, and I have kept up my promise not to contact him. I do really miss him, we had such a fun connection. But I respect that he needs to sort things out with fam, family is always first and foremost. Who knows, maybe one day he will come back again...they quite often do!

Will let you know how the 'date' goes!

P.S. Kat is forcing me to post a HNT pick...stay tuned...and be nice!


  1. WHERE IS THE HNT? And seriously - 2006? Why?!?!?!?!?!?! YOU GO GIRL!

  2. Damn . . . 4 years, and he's a single guy?!?!

    Must not be doing something right. I feel like a porn star, after reading about that drought.

    Have fun, and thanks for a gorgeous HNT.


  3. Look at you!! Making him wait for 5 dates? See all that power you have?! Women have no idea how much power they wield with their sexuality. I certainly hope the wait was worth it on your part.

    And now you must let us all know. Was the deed done?