Friday, April 30, 2010

The Deed Has Been Done!!!!!

For me that usually means the end of things, but we will see what happens from here on out! I will stay positive this time...and with single guy it is a different kind of relationship.

Well for a guy who has not had sex for 4 years, he did very well! I have to say I am feeling a bit sleepy and content.

I arrived at the hotel with door ajar, candles burning and a naked man in bed...who wouldn't want to go in! He motioned for me to the bed and we greeted each other with a nice kiss, which soon quickened into a deeper, more excited kiss. I quickly undressed as I could not leave him lying naked all alone. At first we just felt each others bodies and continued to kiss. He soon moved his head to my nipples and down my stomach and then teased me with his tongue on my inner thighs, and back up again. You have to understand I do not often get the luxury of time with my men, so to take things slowly is difficult for me, I have to exercise extreme patience and try to master the art of restraint. I let him continue to discover my body with his tongue, I every so often took his cock in my hand, but I did not want to exicte him too much as I did not want him to cum too quickly (and selfishly I wanted him to make me cum again like he did last time with his mouth and tongue). Before long he had me cumming and my body was writhing with pleasure, and I expressed that he need to fuck me now...he complied of course! And he knew I enjoyed being on top, so told me to get on top. It really was quite shortlived as it had been some time that cock of his had been inside of a pussy, and I think the sensation of same was too overwhelming for him, he quickly came (I love how he pulses out his cum).

We lay there stroking one another and cuddling and kissing, he really is great with massage, he even massaged my face and kissed my face. And we talked, with the ease that we always do and he told me how sexy I am (although it always embarrases me, I love it!). I turned my back to him and not long before he was rubbing my ass and sliding a finger or two into my pussy, still so wet from our fuck. I was kind of surprised he was ready so soon, but not disappointed. Next thing he said, wait there, and he went and got 'gloved' up for me, this time he was nice and hard and he slid right in from behind. I turned over so I was almost face down on the bed, but I also recalled he had talked about how nothing turns him on more than having a woman on all fours so that he can watch her ass and pussy from behind and watch his cock go in and out of her pussy. So, being the nice person I am, I granted him his wish and went up on all fours and allowed him to pump me from behind. This time it was a much more forceful fuck, he was in his element and next thing I knew, the waterfall began, I was gushing from his cock driving into me at that angle. I love that sensation and so did he, he soon came and once again pulsed inside of me.

We lay again the dry bed! We talked and caressed and cuddled. I even tried to get another rise out of him, but sadly we had to get to work! We said goodbye with a nice big hug and a kiss.

Now want to hear something really funny??? (as a quick aside, when I got to the car to check my text messages, I had one from A he had been out of the country and had just returned to say 'hi') On my way to work I stopped at my usual coffee shop for my Friday treat, and who do I see...the KIWI!!!!!!!! I could see this nice looking guy and we both looked and then I realized it was him! I was not sure if appropriate to say 'hi' but he did, so then I did too. I went to order my coffee and texted him to ask if it were okay for me to talk to him. He texted back "yup". So I sat with him for a bit before I headed out. He asked 'what time do you go to work?', I just said 'oh, normally earlier but I had an errand to do this morning...' He looked at me a bit strange, I wonder if he knew I had just been fucked in a hotel room?! LOL Of course he texted me right after, asking if I had time to meet today...I declined!

Oh!!!! And when i got back to the office, I opened my bag to find two condoms in there...WTF...I quickly texted single guy to ask him what is the meaning of that, is he trying to get me busted or something. And he replied to say that they must have fallen in, hmmmm...I sure fekn hope so...not funny!!!!!! He did also say a 'sorry', right after that.

Anyway people...that is my Friday morning...not sure I can keep up this Friday activity! I do have fam coming to town on Sunday, for a month, so activities will need to be curtailed somewhat. Hope you are all enjoying sunshine, enjoy your weekends!!!!!


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