Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kiwi for breakfast...

I have such a soft spot for my Kiwi...and what better way to start off the day than with a good ol' cock sucking and a cum shot! mmmmm protein!

I know, I digress, I was supposed to be stepping back, but I have, it's just that Kiwi truly does hold a soft spot in my heart (or is that my loins), he loves my 'titties' as he calls them and he loves me sucking his cock...and I love kissing his soft lips, and admittedly sucking his nice cock, and when the biotch Aunt Flo is not visiting, fucking him...

Yikes! Such language today, but no other way to describe encounters with my beloved Kiwi!

Oh right, HNT is for posting pics, not for sucking cock...ooops misread the memo on that one!

Have a good day!


  1. If there is someone I have to live vicariously would have to be you Agnes. Is your belly churning now?? Ever think that maybe you allergic to the Kiwi's protein shake? LOL

  2. It's actually sitting quite well today, in fact, I might need another shot tomorrow a.m...want to join me?

  3. Agnes or Kat:

    Would you mind emailing me through my blog. It's important. Sorry to be so cryptic, but it really is important.


    The Wanderer

  4. It's always the foreigners who have all the fun . . . Englishmen, Kiwis . . .

    I need to work on my Sean Connery imitation.

    "Yesh, Munny Pennay . . . be a good girl now, and lean over yor deshk . . .


  5. Jim: LOL.

    Agnes, I haven't had a protein shake in such a long time... :(

  6. Should I send the Kiwi your way?

    Oh and I finished off the day with a makeout session in a park with Mr. Finance...not a bad day for someone who is taking a break!

  7. Agnes you never fail to amaze me and that is one of the reasons I love you so much. I am a bit hurt that you will send the Kiwi to Spring Flower but you have never shared him with LMAO

    Jim: Although Agnes is drawn by the foreigners their voices don't fool me..LOL I need to understand what a man is saying to me when he is whispering sweet nothings in my ear. :)

  8. Or even sweet somethings . . . ;-)