Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love Hump Day

Okay, I think the englishman has made it up to me for cancelling yesterday with this message this morning:

Happy Wednesday!

Here I am sitting in my office eating pineapple for breakfast and thinking of you. I have a big meeting this morning so I thought I would send this note to get your day going in the right way. And offer you a poem:-

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Can't wait till Saturday
When I can have you!

kisses on your neck,


Should I keep him?


  1. I'm not getting the connection between you and pineapple . . .

    The "roses are red" poems are nice, but I'd ask him for some more allegorical verse describing you, as a real test . . . using some metaphor for your desires for each other, or something . . . the charged atmosphere before a summer storm breaks, with that soft, sweet, fresh scent of rain in the breeze . . . the restlessness anticipation and soft, open-mouthed panting of an athlete, seconds before they launch their body into action . . . the ripe fullness of fruit, at peak flavor and juiciness . . .


    [Never mind . . . I'm just jealous ;-)]

  2. I agree with Jim. And just got a huge boner (female version) for Jim.

  3. I am just a simple girl (okay woman), who still enjoys a simple poem...

    And who doesn't get a boner for Jim?! He is a marvelous writer!

  4. Jim's got a very subtle way of selling himself ;-)

  5. I just like to express myself. I figure that if it hasn't worked on my wife after all of these years, I should be safe from you people, too ;-)