Saturday, April 24, 2010


I cannot get enough...I don't what was worse...thinking I would never meet the englishman, T, or now that I have met him we want each other even more! We have talked at least a couple times a day since we met in person. We email and text constantly. He said the other day that I am costing him money as he cannot concentrate on work and his business. And I too, am getting no work done. What is this????

Poor Kat is worried about me having these feelings, but I cannot help them. It is so hard to understand what is going on...T told me today I am perfect, the whole package...I talk sports, I give headers and swallow, I watch porn with my husband, etc etc...I teased and said, 'oh yah, I am a real catch...the men are lining up, I have to beat them off with a stick' ...he said I could 'beat him with a stick' then he retracted that as we both agreed we are not into that stuff...LOL

Anyway, nightie night...sweet dreams all, I know what I will be dreaming about, I hope you are all enjoying some sweet dreams too!

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  1. What you're feeling is normal. L & I were like that too in the beginning. We just couldn't stay away, chatted more than allowed, emailing back and forth every day. You are getting addicted, simply. :)