Thursday, April 15, 2010

Uh Oh!!!!!!

Well...update...I have been chatting with a few guys from AM...all decent, really nice guys. I had met two, there were talks of the third flying out this week to see me, and the fourth and maybe final, I met yesterday!

The first is a single man, I spoke of before. And I have to say he is really growing on me. Super casual, putting my needs ahead of his constantly, almost to a fault. A wee bit of naughty talk, but not over the top, just enough to suprise me and intrigue me. We have had a coffee date and two kissing dates, the second one led to a bit more...but not in the 'deed'. And what I thought initially was a very small cock, pleasantly revealed itself as being much much more.

The second fellow, is a grape grower (for wine), we had a coffee date which ended in a makeout session in his truck, a reveal of his cock, and a dip of his fingers, but unfortunately the visit was cut short due to watching eyes!

So third guy, still not sure about, put him off this week as a result of being unsure, but he still has my interest...but I don't want him to be flying out just to see me, when I am unsure. If it works out he has business when we are in the same city, then great, but if not, I think we will backburner him.

And the fourth and potentially final one, and who has influenced the title of this blog, is the englishman! I finally met him yesterday, despite many hurdles i.e. cancellation due to family issues, wife reading an email message from me the night before we were to meet, etc etc, I never thought it would come through. A friend of Kat's even figured it was going to be a sting operation by the wife, which I have to say was in the back of mind, that and the thought that maybe they were a some kinky couple and they both wanted to get with me, as his wife actually came to town with him yesterday (he dropped her off shopping while he came to see me, "his client"). Anyway, despite all my paranoia...he picked me up near work yesterday and as I had hoped, we immediately clicked, we started off with a kiss (despite me shaking like a leaf!).

We discussed whether or not we go to a hotel, but in all honesty there was just not enough time and I really did have fears of the wife following us! We ended up just driving to a park nearby...I found the perfect spot, until I looked up to see two lawn bowlers and many dog walkers! Oh well, we jumped in the backseat and kissed away, it was very hot and passionate, as it can be in a car, and we would stop and stare deeply into one another's eyes and grin (I know, sorry Kat this is where you start barfing!). He smelled so good, and really is a very attractive man, he thought I was pretty good too, and continued to express that, I think I blushed most of the time. We continued to kiss and grope...note to self: do not wear tights and boots when meeting in a car!!!! more specifically, control top tights! I knew we could only do so much in a car, in this public venue, and I also really did not want to flood the backseat of his car, so I had to hold back a bit which was a bit of a drag, but I did want to make this a pleasurable experience for him, so I did give him head, which I am pretty sure he enjoyed by his expletives of "Fuck...oh fuck...FUUUUUCCK" and of course the deposit made in my mouth. I don't know? Just thinkig he may have enjoyed it???

Anyway, that is a very minor part of what makes him the "Uh Oh", after that, we continued to kiss, cuddle and talk, and was sooooooo comfortable, both of us expressed how odd it was that we were having these this what they call a connection? I have this with A too...but A is now just a friend. To have this with Englishman, and US both feeling the sexual attraction, is a bit overwhelming. When I asked him today what part he enjoyed most of yesterday (and I told him to leave out the bj), he said it was when I laid back on his chest and he had his arms wrapped around me, and we were just talking and kissing, and how comfortable it was. I told him I felt exactly the same (and that I did also enjoy his fingers discovering my wet pussy...LOL). Just being honest!

Anyway, i did not want to get out of the car when he dropped me off...and I have not got a stitch of work done today as him and I have been emailing all was almost better not having met him...because now we just want more of each other, we only got a taste...and we are not sure when we can! But we do know for sure...we will not be meeting in his car!!!! Two hotel rooms have been selected and at the ready depending on whether he comes here or I go there!

Breathe right? Could this be it? The one who stops me from serial dating, the one who can fulfill all my needs (along with my husband of course). EEEEK One step at a time, right? One step at a time! I just politely put off grape grower today (and with me I never like to completely close a door, so it was not a final send off, just like out of town traveller guy), so that leaves single man...I may still need to keep him as back up, and I have been completely up front with him and he has said that he would be happy if at the end of the day we have each made a friend.

Happy Thursday everyone...


  1. Yep...just puked in my mouth a little bit...I guess I will have to blog soon about my recent rendezvous because all this sappy shit is leaving me a bit ill to my stomach...I'M TOTALLY KIDDING OF COURSE, it's what you have been wanting for a long time. Have fun and please don't fall in love..LOL

  2. One step at a time. One step at a time.

    You got it and this could be it. Although I didn't get all the dirty details in our conversations that you gave on your blog - you naughty girl - YOU GO AGNES!

    I must say after my recent experience with AM and learning what i needed/desired in this whole experience, I'm grateful I have at this point the ONE. It might change - I might start looking again but I know from what I have learned - once you find the ONE that fills that void for whatever period of time it is, you know!!

    So so damn excited and happy for you!

    PS - where is your HNT shot? And KAT - please divulge all the details!