Friday, May 28, 2010


Happy weekend everyone! Hope you all had great weeks!

I met up again with FG...we just had to get together for a kiss yesterday (okay and maybe a handjob...thank goodness for windex wipes under the seat!). He told me how hot hump day was...he also told me last night June 4 is off. No great surprise, most of my plans get ruined by the wives! I am not too disappointed as we keep finding ways to see each other, but would be nice to soon meet outside of a car and get naked! Did I mention what a nice thick cock he has...sorry, size does not matter, but it is sure a nice feature!

And this morning, I met up with Single Guy, that was in the works since last week, I was feeling a bit hesitant as I am totally enjoying FG, but like I said they all seem to have something different to offer me. As an aside, last Friday when i met up with Single Guy for coffee, he gave me the best head in the front passenger seat of his car, he reclined my chair, slid my pants down and enjoyed me, and for this one time, I did not reciprocate, I just enjoyed being taken care of.

So anyway, back on track, I went to the hotel room this morning that he booked, and as soon as I walked in, we started to kiss and he told me how much he missed me. As he undressed me, he had me stand in front the mirror and removed my bra, and then as he held my breasts in his hands, he said 'look at you, you are beautiful', I just bashfully looked away, I have not really experienced that much in my life, someone being in awe of me, and I have to say, it feels wonderful (all those feelings of feeling like a fat slob that morning and drink have been my friends lately!), melted away!

As we stood, I slid off his underwear and took him into my mouth, I love hearing the sounds coming from him, his sounds of enjoyment, telling me how much he loves my touch...we moved onto the bed, he slid me to the edge so his cock went into my mouth and he bent over to begin to pleasure me with his mouth. He came first, and I followed. He really is good at making me cum, he has the touch! I also tried something new on him today, which he enjoyed immensely...eek!

We lay together and cuddled and kissed, and then round 2 began...he motioned for me on top but I wanted him on top this he slid me to the edge of the bed towards him and put my feet up on his was not long before things got very wet...the pleasure of this was all over his face, and he stared deep into my eyes as he thrusted deep inside of me.

Essentially we both collapsed after that, and lay together with him stroking me and me stroking him, our hands are constantly moving over each other's bodies when we are was almost time to leave, but I was not done...I slid his hands between my legs one more time and then pushed his head was a very nice way to finish off our visit.

And here I am now, sitting at work and feeling a bit sleepy..he messaged me afterwards saying thanks for the workout and that his hips were a bit sore! I told him to suck it up and get working on some squats!

And now I await a call from the Englishman...he messaged me today...grrrr...I cannot get him out of my head! [update: just got off the phone...we miss each other so much!]

Oh and the Kiwi, was texting today for a visit...don't worry, I put him off!

One man today is enough! See Kat I am getting better?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When it rains, it pours....

Happy Hump Day!

What a way to start off Hump Day...a meeting with FG on my way to work. We met at a nice little pull-off near the water, and greeted each other with a nice soft kiss...not long after my pants were down, and his hands and mouth were in between my legs, and the waterworks began...thank goodness I brought a towel, just in case...he couldn't stop, he couldn't get enough of me but I was hungering for that nice thick cock I had only got a taste of the other day (a side-trip on the way to the grocery store...this is a dangerous close to home, so easy to meet) i took him in my mouth as he continued to work me with his fingers, I could feel and hear the pleasure building up inside of him, he told me, 'don't stop'...and then he came, just the right amount (I have to say, he is quite big, my jaw was fully stretched and I had to kind of work my mouth off of him...looking forward to receiving him elsewhere soon).

We sat and kissed a bit more, and then we both headed off to work...I have a feeling we have many more visits ahead of us.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Not a bad week...

So where shall I start...

Met a man on AM (FG aka French Guy) on the weekend that seemed very interesting , emails started to flood in...excitement building...and talks of a June 4 meeting came up, until I told him I could not make it until then (I just figure before you get to far, you need to meet to see if there is any attraction). So, the plan was set, we were to meet at the end of the day at the beach! I was soooooooooo nervous and excited. I have to say it never gets old (or has not yet). I guess that is part of the draw...the thrill and FEAR of the unknown. So I drove to the beach, and saw this man walking toward me, and we both began to grin from ear to ear...pleased to see what we found. So down we walked to the sand, shoes off for me and we strolled along the beach talking, for the most part effortlessly. We got to the end and he pointed out a more private spot to sit under a tree on a log, so over we went. We sat and talked a bit more and then ...we kissed. He says I lunged in first, but I think he did! It was pleasant enough that we carried on and then hands began exploring. He had stated early before we met that he would be a gentleman. And then when his hands began to wander, he said he was not being much of a gentleman, and I responded that I was not being much of a lady either, so carry on! We kissed some more, he stood me up so he could easily slide his hands up under my dress, which he did and began discovering my 'mound' (inside joke with Kat). I couldn't resist, and I had to find out what I was dealing with, so I too found a way to get my hand in his pants and I have to say, a smile formed on my face as I felt something rather thick. All morning I have been thinking about that thickness, which I admit has been causing some wetness! Anyway, time ran out and we had to sort ourselves out, and head back to our cars. We chatted later that evening on the computer, and then texting has been quite regular this I go again!

The other gems that occurred this week, was that A came to town and we met for lunch, a lunch date he had been promising me since we last saw each other at a restaurant we both love. It was so great to see him. I made sure I looked good, wore a sexy dress with just the right amount of cleavage. As soon as I arrived he got up and gave me a nice hug. I sat and we immediately started talking. Him and I have such a great connection and both have a lot to say, I can be quiet but when I am with him I just start talking with such ease. We covered off my life and then his. I of course had to make a few sexual comments, asked him to slide his hand up under my dress and let me feel his legs (I always tease him that his legs turn me strong!). I also noticed him checking out my breasts, but did not call him on it at the time. After lunch was over, he walked me part way back to work and on the way, I joked about sneaking into the alley for a quickie, he told me I was 'bad'. He asked if I was seeing anyone, and I told him just online stuff (I know so bad to lie, but not really any of his business), told him I was holding out for him to change his mind. Anyway, we hugged and went in our separate directions. I immedediately texted him asking when would it get easier, when would I not want to kiss him anymore. Later I got a text from him saying, he too was particularly turned on over the lunch hour. When I asked why, he said just a general feeling and my breasts! (I responded that I so was going to bust him on that, but I too was enjoying him, enjoying me!). He also told me, as a result of his meeting that day, he will be working lots in my city soon...who knows what the future holds.

Single Guy has the man-cold still so we will not be getting together for our Friday sex...but we will meet later today for a coffee, I am looking forward to seeing him.

And last but not least, the Englishman finally called last week, and left it that he will surprise me with his next call, and that he did just after I finished up with FG...we both really miss each other, but it is frustrating that it is not likely we will get to see each other again. It is kind of silly that either of us is even entertaining anything as it seems hopeless, but sometimes you cannot help the feelings you have.

I know it seems like I have a lot of feelings for a lot of men, but I do, and that is because they all offer up something different to me, and a lot of it is not based on sex. It is so hard to explain. It was funny, Kat wanted me to promise that after FG, to stay off of AM. But I said FG was so nice, and she said 'yes, but there are a lot of nice guys...and you do not have to meet every one...'

P.S. did i mention I met up with kiwi last friday? the usual short and sweet...I think they will need to hose down that basement floor soon, I made quite a splash!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sad but True

While you SCREAM at your woman, there's a man wishing he could whisper softly in her ear;
While you OFFEND and INSULT her, there's a man flirting with her and reminding her how wonderful she is.
While you HURT your woman, there's a man wishing he could make love to her.
While you make your women CRY there's always another man stealing smiles from her.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A day at the beach...

A first for me today -- Single Guy picked me up and took me for a picnic at the sea. We parked and found a cozy, semi-private rock at the oceanside to place our blanket and sit for lunch (okay, the herons and geese and passing boats, could see us). He had picked up sandwiches and dessert.

Such a beautiful day to sit and kiss and cuddle seaside, and we did just that. There is an overwhelming feeling of comfort with Single Guy, yet there is sexual attraction too. I love how he holds my face when we kiss, and strokes my arms, my back, my legs...After we ate, I lay in his arms as we looked out at the ocean (i know Kat will be puking in her mouth when she reads this...LOL). Then he told me to close my i knew we were sharing a piece of chocolate with our mouths, and then his finger was placing something creamy into my mouth, it was something I had never done before, that is someone feeding me items while my eyes were closed, kind of interesting (I am so practical and impatient sometimes, so it is hard to let go and let someone take control). Next he asked me to turn and he moved my head into his lap (I had already heard him drop his pants), so I opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth along with a yummy chocolate sensation in my mouth. There we were, him on a rock with pants down and me sitting between his legs taking him into my mouth and the sea was behind us, at that moment there was no one else but us! I brought him to orgasm and swallowed him all up. We lay together again, kissing and cuddling and him massaging my shoulders (I am a sucker for a massage). As I looked down below to the right of us, there sat a man eating his lunch, Single Guy claims he arrived post header...I sure hope so!

Unfortunately the lunch came to a close and we had to pack up and head back to work. Single Guy drove me back to work, we held hands the whole time. It was a wonderful lunch hour! I think we will go back!

We are also supposed to get together again later this week, to exhange 'bodily fluids' (his words...such a romantic!).

I don't know people this is feeling kind of serious for this what they call an affair???

P.S. No word from Englishman again...he texted the day he was to call to say he could not call that day but would call soon...Damn Him!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He's back....

So on the weekend, I was missing the Englishman terribly and was also very concerned about his situation, not so much the wife, but the children (as somehow they managed to get involved...ugghhh). Anyway, I composed this nice email, just apologizing for it to begin with, but just wanted to let him know I was genuinely concerned about him and that maybe at some point it would be nice if we could be friends...blah blah blah...HIT SEND...REGRET...BOUNCED BACK UNDELIVERABLE..thank goodness, right?

So I thought, that is great, he has cut all ties, he needs to do this, the temptation is too great, blah blah blah.

I go for lunch with Kat today, we talk about my foolish move on the weekend, and how much I do miss the Englishman. Single guy is great, but just does not stir things up inside of me like the Englishman did. So...I go back to work this afternoon and open up my email account, and guess who has sent a message??? That's right...the Englishman!!!!!!

He is apologizing for messaging me, but he misses me, etc etc What the heck? Of course I respond immediately, not without calling him a BASTARD first, and acknowledged that I too missed him, I also confessed about my message...

His wife goes on vacation on Thursday and he said he will contact me by phone that afternoon so that we can discuss this situation. I told him probably best not for him to email, and that phone calls were probably the safest form of communication for him, as long as he could remember to delete his call history! He has now re-suspended his email account, and now I wait until Thursday.

I know I should not even entertain this, but I cannot stop myself. I have not stopped thinking about him. While Single Guy brings a smile to my face and I feel comfort with him, Englishman stirs up some crazy emotions inside of me, plus makes me laugh, plus brings a smile to my face...

Stay tuned!