Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A day at the beach...

A first for me today -- Single Guy picked me up and took me for a picnic at the sea. We parked and found a cozy, semi-private rock at the oceanside to place our blanket and sit for lunch (okay, the herons and geese and passing boats, could see us). He had picked up sandwiches and dessert.

Such a beautiful day to sit and kiss and cuddle seaside, and we did just that. There is an overwhelming feeling of comfort with Single Guy, yet there is sexual attraction too. I love how he holds my face when we kiss, and strokes my arms, my back, my legs...After we ate, I lay in his arms as we looked out at the ocean (i know Kat will be puking in her mouth when she reads this...LOL). Then he told me to close my eyes...next i knew we were sharing a piece of chocolate with our mouths, and then his finger was placing something creamy into my mouth, it was something I had never done before, that is someone feeding me items while my eyes were closed, kind of interesting (I am so practical and impatient sometimes, so it is hard to let go and let someone take control). Next he asked me to turn and he moved my head into his lap (I had already heard him drop his pants), so I opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth along with a yummy chocolate sensation in my mouth. There we were, him on a rock with pants down and me sitting between his legs taking him into my mouth and the sea was behind us, at that moment there was no one else but us! I brought him to orgasm and swallowed him all up. We lay together again, kissing and cuddling and him massaging my shoulders (I am a sucker for a massage). As I looked down below to the right of us, there sat a man eating his lunch, Single Guy claims he arrived post header...I sure hope so!

Unfortunately the lunch came to a close and we had to pack up and head back to work. Single Guy drove me back to work, we held hands the whole time. It was a wonderful lunch hour! I think we will go back!

We are also supposed to get together again later this week, to exhange 'bodily fluids' (his words...such a romantic!).

I don't know people this is feeling kind of serious for me...is this what they call an affair???

P.S. No word from Englishman again...he texted the day he was to call to say he could not call that day but would call soon...Damn Him!


  1. Okay so I'm not much of a romantic but your lunch with Single Guy sounded absolutely lovely in a dirty kind of way. How brave of you to give him a header right there in the open. Wow!!! I'm impressed..LOL

  2. I'm with Kat - a header in the open and chocolate also? Can't get much better then that!