Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He's back....

So on the weekend, I was missing the Englishman terribly and was also very concerned about his situation, not so much the wife, but the children (as somehow they managed to get involved...ugghhh). Anyway, I composed this nice email, just apologizing for it to begin with, but just wanted to let him know I was genuinely concerned about him and that maybe at some point it would be nice if we could be friends...blah blah blah...HIT SEND...REGRET...BOUNCED BACK UNDELIVERABLE..thank goodness, right?

So I thought, that is great, he has cut all ties, he needs to do this, the temptation is too great, blah blah blah.

I go for lunch with Kat today, we talk about my foolish move on the weekend, and how much I do miss the Englishman. Single guy is great, but just does not stir things up inside of me like the Englishman did. So...I go back to work this afternoon and open up my email account, and guess who has sent a message??? That's right...the Englishman!!!!!!

He is apologizing for messaging me, but he misses me, etc etc What the heck? Of course I respond immediately, not without calling him a BASTARD first, and acknowledged that I too missed him, I also confessed about my message...

His wife goes on vacation on Thursday and he said he will contact me by phone that afternoon so that we can discuss this situation. I told him probably best not for him to email, and that phone calls were probably the safest form of communication for him, as long as he could remember to delete his call history! He has now re-suspended his email account, and now I wait until Thursday.

I know I should not even entertain this, but I cannot stop myself. I have not stopped thinking about him. While Single Guy brings a smile to my face and I feel comfort with him, Englishman stirs up some crazy emotions inside of me, plus makes me laugh, plus brings a smile to my face...

Stay tuned!


  1. I understand the appeal... it's complicated but he makes you feel alive.

  2. ok - I just emailed you on this topic and had not read your post yet. I do get it. I do. Just don't want you to be hurt as much as you were with this last go around!

  3. I think people just naturally have to follow these things where they lead, to some sort of conclusion. If you're still drawn to him, you need to let that play out.

    Have fun, and keep both eyes open.