Friday, May 28, 2010


Happy weekend everyone! Hope you all had great weeks!

I met up again with FG...we just had to get together for a kiss yesterday (okay and maybe a handjob...thank goodness for windex wipes under the seat!). He told me how hot hump day was...he also told me last night June 4 is off. No great surprise, most of my plans get ruined by the wives! I am not too disappointed as we keep finding ways to see each other, but would be nice to soon meet outside of a car and get naked! Did I mention what a nice thick cock he has...sorry, size does not matter, but it is sure a nice feature!

And this morning, I met up with Single Guy, that was in the works since last week, I was feeling a bit hesitant as I am totally enjoying FG, but like I said they all seem to have something different to offer me. As an aside, last Friday when i met up with Single Guy for coffee, he gave me the best head in the front passenger seat of his car, he reclined my chair, slid my pants down and enjoyed me, and for this one time, I did not reciprocate, I just enjoyed being taken care of.

So anyway, back on track, I went to the hotel room this morning that he booked, and as soon as I walked in, we started to kiss and he told me how much he missed me. As he undressed me, he had me stand in front the mirror and removed my bra, and then as he held my breasts in his hands, he said 'look at you, you are beautiful', I just bashfully looked away, I have not really experienced that much in my life, someone being in awe of me, and I have to say, it feels wonderful (all those feelings of feeling like a fat slob that morning and drink have been my friends lately!), melted away!

As we stood, I slid off his underwear and took him into my mouth, I love hearing the sounds coming from him, his sounds of enjoyment, telling me how much he loves my touch...we moved onto the bed, he slid me to the edge so his cock went into my mouth and he bent over to begin to pleasure me with his mouth. He came first, and I followed. He really is good at making me cum, he has the touch! I also tried something new on him today, which he enjoyed immensely...eek!

We lay together and cuddled and kissed, and then round 2 began...he motioned for me on top but I wanted him on top this he slid me to the edge of the bed towards him and put my feet up on his was not long before things got very wet...the pleasure of this was all over his face, and he stared deep into my eyes as he thrusted deep inside of me.

Essentially we both collapsed after that, and lay together with him stroking me and me stroking him, our hands are constantly moving over each other's bodies when we are was almost time to leave, but I was not done...I slid his hands between my legs one more time and then pushed his head was a very nice way to finish off our visit.

And here I am now, sitting at work and feeling a bit sleepy..he messaged me afterwards saying thanks for the workout and that his hips were a bit sore! I told him to suck it up and get working on some squats!

And now I await a call from the Englishman...he messaged me today...grrrr...I cannot get him out of my head! [update: just got off the phone...we miss each other so much!]

Oh and the Kiwi, was texting today for a visit...don't worry, I put him off!

One man today is enough! See Kat I am getting better?


  1. Wow . . . my head is spinning. Very very nice, intimate attention, Agnes . . . just what everyone needs, regularly.

    You've been a busy girl, lately ;-)


  2. I miss you Jim! Where have you been this week? You have to know I am never too busy not to chat with you!

  3. I experienced that once... he undressed me, making me watch in the mirror as he did so, told me how sexy and beautiful I was. It felt weird at first, but he was in awe and it felt wonderful!!

    You've been a busy bee ;-)

  4. I just started coming here, and I am definitely going to keep coming back.

    And yes, speaking as a man, it's great when you can help a woman see how much you appreciate her beauty. When you can open up for a minute and let her see the awe in your eyes.