Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Okay, I did leave out one tidbit that occurred last week....

Well...a young man, messaged me on AM...saying he was going to be in town for work. He was attractive, conversation was witty and fun, and he was proposing the best 'lick of my life'! I really had no intentions of carrying through with anything, I did agree though to meet for a coffee. And I made it very clear that as anxious and confident he was that I would be joining him in his room, I could make no promises we would connect in person.

So the day arrived when he was coming to town and I decided I would meet him for a coffee before I met Kat for a drink. Then Kat and I talked about just the two of us showing up at coffee without telling him etc etc. In the end, I met Kat for a drink and just told him to come join us. Well, we sat and waited for him to arrive, some guy walked past and half waved Kat said, but I did not recognize him, then he called as he was lost...and guess what, he had an ACCENT! Fek, me and accents are not good, I knew right then and there I would be going to his room!

Well, he made his way there and joined us on the patio. It was actually good fun! Nice guy, not bad looking. We finished up our drinks, then Kat and I had to get home, so we said goodbye and sent him on his way. As we walked away Kat said I should go to his room, so I texted him right away but he did not respond and so I jumped in my car. As I was driving away he responded, of course! He said he really enjoyed meeting us and that we were two very funny and attractive ladies (and of course he made mention of a three-some!). Well that was not on the table (Kat said we are saving that up for something really special! haha). We agreed that we would meet the next day.

The next day came and almost went, but finally at the end of the day I had only about a half hour window to meet him. So I raced to his hotel and I must say, it was maybe not the 'lick of my life' but his oral skills were delightful! And he had a nice lovely cock for me to climb onto! He stated at the end, after several expletives, "That was such a great orgasm!" (did I mention he laid out a towel for me on the bed, I had mentioned in advance that things could get wet). We kissed and touched a bit more, then I got dressed and headed on my way. He did invite me to cum again the next day. I really did not want to go again, it was just a fun, spontaneous thing and something I had never really done, and I guess I just wanted to leave it at 'one of those experiences' - two consenting adults, sharing a moment, no strings!

Okay, okay...I fell off the wagon ...but it was an offer I couldn't refuse. I know French Guy would be devastated if he knew, but I think Single Guy would be turned on by the whole thing. Funny how I feel more guilty about doing this to my 'other' guys than I do to my husband? How does that make any sense?

"...I am not a whore...but I like to do it!"


Well, what's been going? Hmmmm....well I am Italy bound soon for a family vacation. I will be away for almost a whole month, and my internet access will be very limited, as well my access to my men! Whatever shall I do...last trip away with my husband I managed to steal a kiss with a hot mexican fellow...wonder if I will be able to steal a kiss in the corridors of Venice...mmmmmmm...stay tuned!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, so to speak, I continue to see French Guy and Single Guy. The meetings with French Guy are pretty frequent, but just never long enough. Our meetings for now are restricted to the beach, and my car. It is kind of cute, I drive a Versa, and the other day French Guy said he was driving behind a "versatile" just like mine, I responded 'why yes, it is very versatile...' (he actually did not intend to type that, it was his spellcheck but now it is our running joke). Anyway, French Guy and I are hoping to get some naked alone time before I leave on vacation. It may work out this Saturday. We are growing very fond of each other and had quite the discussion the other day, we both admitted that if we took the sex out (which we would never do, hahaha) we really do like and care for each other, but we both agreed we need to keep it in check as neither of us want to change up our situations. But these are feelings I have definitely not had for anyone yet, not to this degree anyway. It is scary. And then I made a huge mistake the other night, I ended up having a few too many drinks (damn vodka again, you think I would learn), and while I thought I had stopped texting him when he said goodnight, apparently I kept on and I wrote an email telling him I loved him! Well that email combined with the fact that his daughter was the first to read my messages in the morning (thank goodness no names were used and he was able to put out that fire), he had real concerns about my sanity! After much discussion, and me kissing ass I assured him I do not love him, nor do I want ot jeapardize his or my situations at home. I mean it really was the booze talking. As Kat counselled me, it is like saying 'I love you man' or 'you are my best friend ever', we feel the love when we drink. And while I do feel extremely fond of French Guy, I AM NOT IN LOVE with him. I am still trying to figure out what the word means to me, as these days it is thrown around so easily (sorry I digress, perhaps that is another blog topic). Anyway, I snuck out and saw French Guy last night and we kissed and made up. At one point he looked at me and said, 'you are thinking...what are you thinking about'. After I drove away, I sent a text, 'I was thinking how much I enjoy kissing you and seeing you, and how I nearly blew it by being a dumb ass'. He responded, 'We kicked that elephant out of the room, and I happen to like your ass!'. I am taking from this he has forgiven me.

And then there is Single Guy, last week we waited until Friday to see each other, you know me and my Fridays! We booked a room and I met him for lunch on Friday. I have to say as an aside, he was very excited to see me last week, I was getting lots of messages in advance, it was nice. Quite often he can be a bit business like. Anyways,lunch was a great kick off to the weekend...followed up by a meeting Saturday morning. We were both looking forward to Saturday as we were going to get 4 whole hours together (a luxury!). And it was a wonderful Saturday morning spent in bed! (we even watched some world cup soccer!) While I do not have the deep feelings I have for French Guy, Single Guy and I really enjoy each other's company and we are very sexually compatible. We even fit well together when we snuggle, there is just a simplicity to our relationship. Neither of us have any expectations of the other. Whenever I ask him after we meet, 'what was the favourite part of our visit?', he always responds, 'just spending time with you'. He often tells me that from day one, I have been so easy to be around, and then he reminds me how I told him I was not attracted to him after the first meeting. The other day he even said, 'I wonder what you would be like with a man who you were attracted to after the first meeting'.

Anyway, I am savouring these times with both men as who knows maybe when I return from my trip from Italy I may give this all up. Stranger things have happened!

So those are the updates on my end of things. There could be one last blog before I leave as I am going out with Kat on Wednesday and Saturday night and you know that usually leads to trouble. Stay tuned for a post!

Ciao for now...Agnes

Friday, June 4, 2010

Another happy ending...to my week!

Fridays are now my most favorite day of the week! Mind you Thursday this week was good too. Really any time I meet FG, the day is good. Which seems to be more and more as we cannot seem to stay away from one another. Us residing so close is soooo dangerous, but oh so much fun! The other day he passed me on the highway and texted me. I told him to stop and wait for me. He did just that, but unfortunately the location he stopped was WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME! We just looked at each other expressed that concern, but he couldn't resist, he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss!

Anyway, the original plan was to spend the day today, and then it was all day Saturday, and then of course which is par for the course for me, his family plans changed, and so beach day was cancelled. But you know me, where there is a will there is away. Despite Kat and I discussing her home was probably not the best locale for my meetings anymore (I used to meet Kiwi there), I asked her for this one more time to meet FG Friday morning. We were dying to do the 'deed', be naked and in each other arms, mouths etc. Well plans were set for today, but yesterday we decided we really needed a kiss. So I was given instructions of a park where he was near after work, and I drove to meet him. Well the kissing began and then he couldn't help it but to take my pants off (and no resistance was put up by me), cars were pulling up and then pulling away, but I was pretty shielded so we carried on. Well I warned him not to put his fingers 'there', but you know what it's like telling a boy not to stick his fingers in! Anyway, my seat was soaked and I was weak in the knees. Hub called and it was time for me to go, but it was not fair for me to leave without taking care of him first, so I took FG's wonderfully thick cock into my mouth...I just love hearing him grown and say 'oh fuck, oh fuck'...nothing like positive feedback to successfully get the job done! (I must say thank goodness for keeping an absorbent cloth in your truck FG!).

Anyway, today was the main event. Like any main even the anticipation is the biggest part. Which unfortunately I think played a role in FG not achieving full satisfaction. No problem for me, in fact I repeatedly achieved satisfaction, which he stated was very good for him and just as much of a turn on. Let's go with that! Anyway, we started off kissing and not long did he have me pinned up against the wall, hands over my head. And magically he had my breast out and was sucking it. Then he told me to remove his belt, only. Next think I know my hands are tied together over my head and my clothing is magically removed. All the while my body is being filled with pleasure and before I know it, something is running down my leg (don't worry Kat, the blanket caught all that...yes, Kat, it might be a scene from Maxim but it worked for me!). Enough was enough, I needed him naked too and I needed to feel that thick cock inside of me. Oh that feeling of when someone first enters you, I love it! We carried on for some time, so much so, that a shower was required, nothing like hot sweaty sex (thanks for the hand-towel Kat!). I loved his strength, I loved the look in his eyes, I loved how he touched me as his cock went in and out of me. I loved it so much, I think I will do it again! In fact, just chatting with FG by text and he wants to see me after work, maybe he is ready to cum! LOL

And of course, you all know my day would not be complete with just one encounter! I met up with Single Guy today for coffee. I did not even want to go, I had been texting and emailing with him this week. He really is not very good on text or email, he annoys me. I even told him in advance that it was a 'no touching' coffee. Well of course as soon as I got in the car, we held hands. There is comfort I feel when I am with him in person. We drove down to the ocean, and we were going to walk, but I really did not want to run into anyone so when I spotted a stairwell down the beach we decided to take that. We found a nice wind-free spot to sit and drink our coffees. He put his arm around me and I layed into him, basking in the sun. We chatted about our weeks and then we kissed. He told me how much he loved to kiss me and told me how from the first time we met how comfortable he was with me, how easy it was. We just really sat there and enjoyed kissing and touching each other (as dog walkers etc cruised on by), he gently stroked my breast as I began to stroke his nice hard cock in his pants. Restating the 'no touching' rule...AS IF! Well, at least I made one man cum today...because of our locale, and the many onlookers, I just enjoyed giving him pleasure today (as I was the one who received it last week, not that I am keeping a tally). Anyway, it was such a nice time, I always enjoy seeing him. And to think, I was going to break up today!

Anyway, must run now...have to meet FG...kinda of getting tired! Plus I think Hub wants sex tonite!

Have a great weekend everyone!