Friday, June 4, 2010

Another happy my week!

Fridays are now my most favorite day of the week! Mind you Thursday this week was good too. Really any time I meet FG, the day is good. Which seems to be more and more as we cannot seem to stay away from one another. Us residing so close is soooo dangerous, but oh so much fun! The other day he passed me on the highway and texted me. I told him to stop and wait for me. He did just that, but unfortunately the location he stopped was WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME! We just looked at each other expressed that concern, but he couldn't resist, he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss!

Anyway, the original plan was to spend the day today, and then it was all day Saturday, and then of course which is par for the course for me, his family plans changed, and so beach day was cancelled. But you know me, where there is a will there is away. Despite Kat and I discussing her home was probably not the best locale for my meetings anymore (I used to meet Kiwi there), I asked her for this one more time to meet FG Friday morning. We were dying to do the 'deed', be naked and in each other arms, mouths etc. Well plans were set for today, but yesterday we decided we really needed a kiss. So I was given instructions of a park where he was near after work, and I drove to meet him. Well the kissing began and then he couldn't help it but to take my pants off (and no resistance was put up by me), cars were pulling up and then pulling away, but I was pretty shielded so we carried on. Well I warned him not to put his fingers 'there', but you know what it's like telling a boy not to stick his fingers in! Anyway, my seat was soaked and I was weak in the knees. Hub called and it was time for me to go, but it was not fair for me to leave without taking care of him first, so I took FG's wonderfully thick cock into my mouth...I just love hearing him grown and say 'oh fuck, oh fuck'...nothing like positive feedback to successfully get the job done! (I must say thank goodness for keeping an absorbent cloth in your truck FG!).

Anyway, today was the main event. Like any main even the anticipation is the biggest part. Which unfortunately I think played a role in FG not achieving full satisfaction. No problem for me, in fact I repeatedly achieved satisfaction, which he stated was very good for him and just as much of a turn on. Let's go with that! Anyway, we started off kissing and not long did he have me pinned up against the wall, hands over my head. And magically he had my breast out and was sucking it. Then he told me to remove his belt, only. Next think I know my hands are tied together over my head and my clothing is magically removed. All the while my body is being filled with pleasure and before I know it, something is running down my leg (don't worry Kat, the blanket caught all that...yes, Kat, it might be a scene from Maxim but it worked for me!). Enough was enough, I needed him naked too and I needed to feel that thick cock inside of me. Oh that feeling of when someone first enters you, I love it! We carried on for some time, so much so, that a shower was required, nothing like hot sweaty sex (thanks for the hand-towel Kat!). I loved his strength, I loved the look in his eyes, I loved how he touched me as his cock went in and out of me. I loved it so much, I think I will do it again! In fact, just chatting with FG by text and he wants to see me after work, maybe he is ready to cum! LOL

And of course, you all know my day would not be complete with just one encounter! I met up with Single Guy today for coffee. I did not even want to go, I had been texting and emailing with him this week. He really is not very good on text or email, he annoys me. I even told him in advance that it was a 'no touching' coffee. Well of course as soon as I got in the car, we held hands. There is comfort I feel when I am with him in person. We drove down to the ocean, and we were going to walk, but I really did not want to run into anyone so when I spotted a stairwell down the beach we decided to take that. We found a nice wind-free spot to sit and drink our coffees. He put his arm around me and I layed into him, basking in the sun. We chatted about our weeks and then we kissed. He told me how much he loved to kiss me and told me how from the first time we met how comfortable he was with me, how easy it was. We just really sat there and enjoyed kissing and touching each other (as dog walkers etc cruised on by), he gently stroked my breast as I began to stroke his nice hard cock in his pants. Restating the 'no touching' rule...AS IF! Well, at least I made one man cum today...because of our locale, and the many onlookers, I just enjoyed giving him pleasure today (as I was the one who received it last week, not that I am keeping a tally). Anyway, it was such a nice time, I always enjoy seeing him. And to think, I was going to break up today!

Anyway, must run now...have to meet FG...kinda of getting tired! Plus I think Hub wants sex tonite!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm trying to think how I can comment on your blog regularly, without beginning every comment with a variation of, "wow, I'm jealous of how much action you're getting!" But that will always be in the back of my mind, even if I don't write it...

    Either you've been very lucky with your partners, or I just haven't gone back far enough in the archives. All of your adventures with all of your lovers sound wonderful!

    And... I guess I owe Kat thanks, too, for making part of this post possible. ;) Thanks Kat--keep up the good work!