Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Okay, I did leave out one tidbit that occurred last week....

Well...a young man, messaged me on AM...saying he was going to be in town for work. He was attractive, conversation was witty and fun, and he was proposing the best 'lick of my life'! I really had no intentions of carrying through with anything, I did agree though to meet for a coffee. And I made it very clear that as anxious and confident he was that I would be joining him in his room, I could make no promises we would connect in person.

So the day arrived when he was coming to town and I decided I would meet him for a coffee before I met Kat for a drink. Then Kat and I talked about just the two of us showing up at coffee without telling him etc etc. In the end, I met Kat for a drink and just told him to come join us. Well, we sat and waited for him to arrive, some guy walked past and half waved Kat said, but I did not recognize him, then he called as he was lost...and guess what, he had an ACCENT! Fek, me and accents are not good, I knew right then and there I would be going to his room!

Well, he made his way there and joined us on the patio. It was actually good fun! Nice guy, not bad looking. We finished up our drinks, then Kat and I had to get home, so we said goodbye and sent him on his way. As we walked away Kat said I should go to his room, so I texted him right away but he did not respond and so I jumped in my car. As I was driving away he responded, of course! He said he really enjoyed meeting us and that we were two very funny and attractive ladies (and of course he made mention of a three-some!). Well that was not on the table (Kat said we are saving that up for something really special! haha). We agreed that we would meet the next day.

The next day came and almost went, but finally at the end of the day I had only about a half hour window to meet him. So I raced to his hotel and I must say, it was maybe not the 'lick of my life' but his oral skills were delightful! And he had a nice lovely cock for me to climb onto! He stated at the end, after several expletives, "That was such a great orgasm!" (did I mention he laid out a towel for me on the bed, I had mentioned in advance that things could get wet). We kissed and touched a bit more, then I got dressed and headed on my way. He did invite me to cum again the next day. I really did not want to go again, it was just a fun, spontaneous thing and something I had never really done, and I guess I just wanted to leave it at 'one of those experiences' - two consenting adults, sharing a moment, no strings!

Okay, okay...I fell off the wagon ...but it was an offer I couldn't refuse. I know French Guy would be devastated if he knew, but I think Single Guy would be turned on by the whole thing. Funny how I feel more guilty about doing this to my 'other' guys than I do to my husband? How does that make any sense?

"...I am not a whore...but I like to do it!"


  1. Just had a bad Britney flashback . . .

    "Ooops, I did it again . . ."


  2. Very nice! (I especially like the tag line at the end. It's fitting.) You're right, this was better as a one time thing.

    As for the very special threesome with you and Kat, might I mention that I've been told I'm very special? ;)

    Wait... now that I think about it, that might not have been a compliment. Never mind.

  3. ok you have been holding back - I didn't know about this one! You go girl. I love the quote at the end - except I think I am a whore and proud of it!!!

  4. I don't actually know where you're from so I can't say for sure, but I'll have to assume that I don't live nearby. Because I'm not that lucky. ;)

    Which is really too bad, because having a 3some with 3 bloggers would be great--people would get to read 3 different accounts of the same experience. :P