Sunday, September 12, 2010


I finally met DC in person. I think he was more nervous than me. When I got into his car his hands were shaking. Which is quite funny because he has always come off with a sort of arrogance. I leaned in to kiss him as soon as I sat in the car. The first kiss always determines how the rest of the night is going to go. Bad kiss could completely ruin an evening. It was good...really good. When I moved away I looked down to see the outline of a very hard cock. I couldn't resist...I had to touch. I couldn't wait to have his pants off and my mouth on that hard cock.

It took us 1/2 hour to get to our hotel...1/2 hour too long. As soon as we walked into the room he led me to the bed and started kissing me all over as he removed piece after piece of clothing...workng his way down, stopping and spending time on the important parts. He took my hard nipples into his mouth and swirled his tongue around them...felt so good. He slowly made his way down to my already wet pussy, kissing and exploring with his fingers. I was near orgasm already...and when he started to flick his tongue over my clit it was just a matter of seconds before I was overcome with my first orgasm.

He worked his way back up my body. I could feel his hard cock on my leg and I needed to have it in my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft of his cock, stopping at the head to taste his pre-cum and then I took him all in. He came almost immediately, could it of been the anticipation of the past 6 months or so that made him shoot his hot cum so quickly into my mouth..hmmmmm.

During our chatting online he continually said that he could get hard over and over again within minutes. Well he wasn't lying...literally 5 minutes had passed and he was putting his hard cock inside of my pussy. Now you would think that after fucking that it would of been it ...right? Not a chance...4 hours we were together. I orgasmed countless amounts of time (seriously lost count) and he came at least 6 times. Wow talk about great stamina.

So did I fuck him out of my system...hmmmmmmm....I think so. I can't say right now whether or not I will ever see him again but what I do know is that he isn't B. Sometimes having the emotional connection makes the sex so much better. I didn't feel that connection with DC, not even close.

All I can say is that I will take QUALITY over QUANTITY any day.

One more thing....I am feeling some guilt as well. I really like B and the last thing I want to do is hurt him. I just really felt like I had to get DC out of my system. The funny thing is that if DC wouldn't of been such an idiot I might not of met B. The weekend I met B I had actually planned to meet up with DC first but DC chose to want to be with one of my friends instead. Of course he regrets that decision, and so he should, but I am thankful to him for doing that. I have B in my life and he is way more important to me than DC could have been.


  1. One more thing....he wasn't as good as he eluded to. It was sex....nothing more.

  2. Well you're right, quality is almost always better than quantity. But if ever you were to put that theory to the test, it sounds like this was the perfect experiment! That was a lot of sex in a short period of time!

    I had hoped to be able to use this line, and offer to let you fuck ME out of your system, but I wouldn't be able to live up to that performance. :P (I'd have to try to make up for it with quality... hehe)

  3. Nonsense. All this reads like it's written by men.

  4. Well we have been compared to men before but we are definitely women. Have you not seen our HNTs Anonymous?

  5. Ha Ha...I was going to say, sometimes we wish were men (for many different reasons, the obvious of which is being able to pee anywhere!) and sometimes we wish this was all nonsense...but nooooo this is our lives! Like it or leave it!