Monday, September 13, 2010

Finally...Out of the Closet!

Sometimes I just give my head a shake at the situations I get myself into.

So am over at a condo this weekend that FG is painting at right now. Which I must say has come in very handy for some naked meetings for the past week and a half! Anyway, on Saturday I went over to help him out (and of course I gave him a very nice blow job to start the work day off right!). While we are talking and working away, I hear a woman's voice, "Oh FG...Hello..."! Well, I nearly had an accident in my pants! I panicked! I ran to the bedroom sliding door, but the damn thing was locked...hmmm what shall I do...jump into the very long closet right to the back. So there I stand, my heart beating out of my chest...I hear FG chatting away to the owner's daughter, checking in on the job! (as an aside, earlier that morning I said to him 'what would you say if someone showed up, how would you explain me being here...premonition perhaps???).

So I stayed in the closet, it was super long, even if someone came near the closet there is no way they would look all the way in...OR WOULD THEY???? All of a sudden I can hear someone walking around and coughing...getting closer...I am near vomiting at this stage out of fear. The person stops, stands, I see a shadow, and teh man looks into the closet and then down the closet...and stares at me!!!!!! I say, "Hi" just kinda non-chalently and then he moves out and goes back out of the kitchen! I stand for a bit, hear them all talking in the kitchen, hear FG say as they head into the garage, where my car is parked, "oh my helper's car is in there...". I stood for a few more moments and then thought I better come out now, since he outed me, and carry on with my 'job'! They never came back in after being outside, but I am sure as soon as the husband got in the car with his wife, he must have said, "You know honey, that 'helper' was in the back of the closet...I wonder why?"

FG did not know I had moved from the bathroom to the closet, he just thought the man would have seen me in the bathroom, I was so embarrassed to tell him my bright move I had made!!!!

After I got over the shock and horror of what I had done, we giggled about it. We both agreed that the worse case scenario is they talk about it amongst themselves, maybe they mention it to him on another occasion and he could just explain it away that I was getting some tools out of the closet or something.

There really should be practice drills for these types of events, proper plans made in case of emergencies! Yikes!

Anyway, despite the weekend's event, I went again this morning...and had another fantastic love making session...note the word 'love making', I am not afraid to say it, I am in love with this man! The connection we have right now is very strong.

I have completely stopped all other physical meetings with other men, I do still flirt a bit online and I did meet Single Guy for a walk last week, but I have not slept with another man for some time, and am not even really craving it like I once did. The hard part is I am also not sleeping with my husband and so things are very strained at home (for many other reasons as well). Life is a bit crazy right now for me, but I am taking baby steps and working on things. I know I should be letting go of FG to work on things at home, but that is one step I cannot take right now, my heart would break...

Anyway, just a wee update from me...Agnes


  1. You kill me...hahahaha...all I can envision is you standing red faced in a closet. OMG I can't stop laughing. Well at least you were not naked with just a painting smock on...that might of been a bit harder to explain.

  2. lol

    This really is funny! I prefer to picture you naked with the painting smock, but... well, that's not surprising to anyone.

  3. Very sexy and hilarious. My wife has been caught twice, once with a co-worker, and once by her boyfriend's friends. On both occasions it was blatent and they had to come clean.

    I hope you can work out your situation at home. My wife's feelings for her boyfriends have strained our relationship a time or two. It is hard to share love with multiple people. I think she realizes that I have a handicap when it comes to her feelings towards me vs her lovers. With me she has to deal with day to day life, with them it is all fun.


  4. OMG - I have a visual of you crouching in the closet...too funny!!!!!