Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm late this morning, really, really late getting out of bed. Red light is blinking on my blackberry...damn do I have time to check my messages? Probably not but I will check anyways. An email from B? I'll read it while I'm getting ready...

I guess it always comes back to the business casual. crisp white blouse. glasses. tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, skirt. It's enough to make me think NOT straight. Thought maybe I would drop by your office. Totally by surprise, which you seem at an instant not too ready for, _perhaps_ alittle frantically mad. But a little nervous grin shows up on your face. You quickly ferry me out as I try to explain to the receptionist that I'm a friend of Agnes's who left my laptop charger cable at your house last night when you had a dinner party. HEY! it's the best I could come up with spur of the moment, ok? ...I hadn't bothered to think of anything better during the three hours it took to get there.

So you wave goodbye to the receptionist saying that you might as well go have lunch with Agnes. Even though it's actually only still 11:30 and Agnes didn't bother to go to work today because she was "sick" (see,you can tell Agnes I managed to work her into my fantasy) ANYWAYS, we start to walk down the stairs. Except one thing, I HAD thought about long before arriving was that I was going to have you as quickly as possible. that was it. I just was. And in all of the clothes you were wearing.

I grab you by the arm as we're walking down the stairs, reaming me out a little, I turn you around and shut you up. I just want hands on you. your ass in that skirt. the breast through the white, buttons hanging on for dear life. one pops off. whoops. of course, your response is gratefully quick, and we just want to fuck as soon as possible. I slip a hand up your skirt and slip my fingers underneath.

Instantly back out and and grab some random edge of the skirt an pull it up just enough to see that small strip of your panties that's cover her lips, that are pushing at it a now. Now, I don't know what apparatus I pushed you up onto but GRATEFULLY someone left some sort of something in that stairwell, maybe a railing, may some small note taking table of some sort, I don't know, crazy victorian decor. But it was the perfect height to get into you, so I dropped your cute little ass onto it, ripped my cock out of pants, pulled your wet panties aside and plunged right into you. I'm not going to lie. I did not last very long. Consequence of a "sole purpose visit" I suppose. But it was such a good long cum that I probably fucked you for a minute alone on how good that adrenaline orgasm went on.

It was hard to tell cause you just had this steady moan/whine/curse-word for that 60 seconds. Did you cum too?

And now I am soooooooooooo late that I am frantic but frantic with a huge smile on my face.

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