Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Way past due!

Okay not only is the post past due but a visit with DC. A while back I had pretty much dumped this guy but for one reason or another I can't seem to shake him. Intrigue? perhaps. So I have set up a meeting with him on Friday because I'm thinking I may just need to "fuck him out of my system". He tends to be confident that after I experience him that I won't ever want anything else...I find that hard to believe. I will soon find out and report back.


  1. If nothing else, please let us know if this "fucking him out of your system" idea works. I might start trying it too...

  2. I know he will never be enough for YOU. But I have a feeling you will be seeing him more than just this once (mostly due to his determination to have you again!).

    I will be very interested to hear if he is as confident as he says he is, and if you have that "connection" he so desires, if you are the one Kat! LOL I mean we both know he has a fine cock...but does he know how to use it?!

    Have fun my friend, play safe!

  3. I'm with Agnes . . . it's one thing to be cocksure, and to express cockiness, but he's got to put his money where your mouth is . . . or . . . whatever . . . you know what I'm trying to say :-)

    Anxiously awaiting details.