Friday, October 8, 2010

Body Count Tally...

It's official...Kat has surpassed me! As much as she doesn't want to believe it, she is the leader...15 to 21...successful (not always pleasurable) fucks! (I tried not to count the ones that were no good but Kat forced me to include them).

Anyway, that's all for now...I might blog later...I have been/and may be so again in an hour or so, naughty a blow job considered cheating on your lover? ha ha

Later all...Happy Thanksgiving to you Canadian Folk out there! Gobble Gobble....SWALLOW!


  1. It's not so much the numbers that scare me but the time frame in which the 21 fucks took place. YIKES...

    I too will have to blog soon because OMG so much going on. How do I find the time...honestly.

  2. I am *so* curious on that time frame!! ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both! (just assuming you are Canadian too)

  3. I think that was just all last week, heh Kat?

  4. F U was the course over the course of the past two weeks...HAHAHA

  5. I say congratulations to you both! It doesn't matter who's the current winner, as long as you are both increasing your numbers. ;)

    Of course, this does raise the question... what does the winner receive? ;)