Saturday, October 16, 2010

Emotional Connection

Sex with someone when you are emotionally connected is HOT!!!! When I finally get to see B (usually every three or so weeks) it is like we met for the first time. We had an immediate connection from the first night we met and it just gets better and better the more we see each other. We have become great friends and i hope that that friendship never ends.

We hooked up last night and OMG he rocked my world. I'm not sure if I can really explain because it isn't necessarily the fucking that makes it amazing but how he makes me feel. He touches me like I have never been touched before...tender but rough at the same time. I'm a very impatient person so sitting through a dinner before we had even touched each other was beyond torture. When we finally left the restaurant and got in his car it was beyond me not to start playing with his cock while he drove. He got so hard so fast. We had at least 10 minutes before we got to his place so I unzipped his jeans and slid my hands down and stroked his cock but when I saw the precum sitting there waiting to be licked up so I leaned over and took him in my mouth. I could tell that he had accelerated his speed a little and in no time we were at his place. "Get your hot ass in the house so i can strip you naked"...fuck he just always knows the right words to say. When inside I continued working on his cock "do not make me Kat don't make me cum". He hates when I make him cum before he has had a chance to pleasure me first...such a gentleman..LOL. He pulls me up to him and turns me around so that I am sitting between his legs with my back against his chest. Grabs my breast "look at these perfect tits" and starts touching and exploring every part of me with his hands and eyes. I turned around and put his cock between my tits and started stroking it and taking him in my mouth.."Kat!!!! don't fucking make me cum..I want to fuck your pussy". You don't have to ask twice I slowly slide his hard cock into me..inch by inch. "Don't move i want to enjoy the feel of my cock inside of you for a second". Honestly just having him inside me like this makes me want to cum. He stares right into my eyes and I start moving and within seconds we cum body is in orgasmic spasm for at least 2 minutes. So ya...that was round one.

We laid in each others arms for about an hour with our bodies intertwined. Neither one of us said anything even though I wanted to say things. Like how much I love him and miss him like crazy when I'm not with him...but I know i can't say those things just like he knows he can't say them to me. We started our relationship as an affair outside of our marriages...our separation from our spouses shouldn't change that. I know I will never be with him in a committed relationship and I'm totally okay with that. Actually we would probably make each other crazy if we did spend more time together. But I do treasure his friendship and really hope that no matter what happens to our sexual relationship that our friendship never changes.

Okay now after all that sappy shit I need to update you all on what happened to me on AM but I will save that for another day.


  1. I assume it's pointless for me to say that I totally agree and relate!!! But I'll say it anyway. :)

  2. Spring your comments are always welcome and appreciated. It is always nice to hear that someone else understands and has been or is in the same situation.

  3. Wow. Round 1 was good enough on its own! (Not that I would want you deprived of round 2, round 3, ...)

    I'll jump on the bandwagon and say that yes, emotional connections make sex all the hotter. But it's not something I'm likely to experience any time soon, unless things really go wrong...

  4. AL you have been missed...hope you had a great vacation. ;)

  5. Good post. I agree. Absolutely. Emotional connections make the sex so very much better. Orgiastically and spasmically, even though those aren't real words.