Friday, October 1, 2010

HPV...ever heard of it?

Call me Debbie Downer, but I just thought I would provide some links to some interesting and important information for all of you loose men and women out there (actually this is even good information for the monogamous ones, no one really is safe). Some of you may already know all about this silent STI, and others, like me, have/had no clue. I know for the most part those of us who have/had multiple partners do have safe sex, but with this STI that is not necessarily good enough...

I was going to post snippets of all the information, but thought I would just provide some links instead. These are Canadian links but I am sure there are some good American links too, with similar information and likely the only difference being that there is an immunization approved for men in the States (the Canadians sometimes are behind the times relating to medicine). So here you go: (inform yourself or not, I hope you do though)

Play safe everyone! Have a great weekend!

P.S. I wish I could offer a nice hot story this Friday...hmmm...dang I need to get some!


  1. Thanks Agnes. For once, I have nothing to say. :)

    Dammit! But I commented anyway! I guess there are things other than sex that one can be addicted to...

  2. I've heard plenty about that. I wonder though why after 26, they don't recommend the vaccine? I'll keep on reading!

  3. Maybe THEY figure you are not promiscuous after the age of 26...ha ha...I only just woke up sexually after 40! But in all seriousness, there should be testing you don't have to pay for and a vaccination which can be offered to both males and females, by now if is so widespread and potentially cancer causing. And while I had some information, if you read carefully, there are so many uncertainties about this virus.

  4. You can comment on our blog any day Letch!