Friday, October 8, 2010

I am full....

And soooooo weak!!!!!

I broke, I couldn't take it anymore...I succumbed to the pressures of the Kiwi, and to the sweetness and patience of Single Guy...and all in one day!!!!!!!!

So this morning after an appointment I met with the Kiwi...he has been working me hard for a week or two to meet. While he did meet a more than willing replacement, he says he wants me! (he found a woman who will do anything and everything he wants, and more...she is into FISTING!) Plus she may be interested in a threesome, which of course Kiwi wants to involve me in! I told him I do not eat pussy, but could maybe be convinced to have someone go down on me. Kat says I should go for it...of course, easy for her to say! Anyway, I broke, I had a few minutes, so I told him to come and meet me...I gave him what he wanted, I showed him my "titties" as he calls them, sucked him off and swallowed, of course! Happy as a clam he is...I got a follow up text, thanking me! I should have asked him for the $20 and case of beer he had offered me earlier in the week (to which I replied $100 and a bottle of grey goose and we will be good to go!). Oh that man makes me laugh!

And then there is Single Guy...I had not seen him for a few weeks, maybe since I broke up with him??? Anyway, things had been building a bit with texts and messages. Of course he has remained very respectful of my wishes, to not be sexual with each other. But we broke today! He picked me up from work and we drove to a nice little beachy secluded spot with our blanket and we began with a kiss...which led to my hand on his cock, to my mouth on his cock, to his hands in my pants, and his mouth on my nice hard aroused nipples (all in view of the houseboat residents), to me continuing to suck his cock until he pulsed (like he does) cum into my mouth, to him laying me back, taking my pants down and working my clit with his fingers and mouth, which resulted in a much needed very wet orgasm by me! (it's been tough week...ask Kat!).

Now the day is not done yet...FG might be working alone later tonite and I may be able to work in a visit, and then I think the hub may even be getting a bit hungry and I may have to give in to him as well. Can this be done? 4 men in a day?

We all have our weak moments, right????


  1. Oh My! See what happens when we don't talk for awhile? No worries - its all good and you've been quite the good girl for awhile...I'm being courted by the AM guy again...I might have to give in although I'm trying to save it up for HTA!

  2. Don't think of it as being "weak," think of it as being "insatiable."

    And, obviously, quite desirable at that!

  3. There you are...welcome back!