Wednesday, December 15, 2010

He...CAME...through in the end...

Well it had been nearly a week since I had met up with FG, at least a couple since we had sex (in between many things going on in our lives and a not-so-lovely visit from Aunt Flo)...but yesterday was the day, the day we planned for a romp in the Versatile before we headed for our Tuesday swim!

I never get too excited these days when FG has a somewhat free day, usually that just means more things get planned by the wife to sabotage his free time. So by the end of the day plans were looking good, I arrived at the pool, got my laps in (10 front crawl in a row, stop Olympic distance triathlon! ha ha), I kept peeking my head up to see if FG had arrived for his "sauna" but nothing. I completed my swim and headed over the hot tub to see if he would show up (hate that feeling of waiting only to be stood up). Well after about 10 minutes, I got out and got changed and walked to my car. As I was walking a couple messages arrived from FG saying he was 5 minutes away. I told him I was out of the pool and in my car, and he directed me to our 'hot spot', our 'lovers lane' get the picture.

He arrived and quickly jumped in my car, I actually let him in the front seat this time for a quick visit, but it was not long before I began kissing him, his lips are irresistible to me (plus he was yammering on about the wife...that always needs to be shut down with a kiss). As things were progressing, we both, in sync, pulled up the front seats and jumped into the back. Our kisses were hungry and his hands were moving all about, he said to me "do you want me to eat your pussy?", I said "yes, eat my pussy", he asked again, and I demanded he eat my pussy now...and of course he complied. I have to say he keeps getting better and better, he had me cumming in no time, which is often a challenge for me. I wanted to keep going but got a bit distracted with my f'n cell phone ringing...ugghh...damn spouses! He enjoyed me a bit longer, but I needed him inside of me. I demanded he fuck me now. And once again, he complied...I love climbing on top of him in the "versatile", feeling him deep inside of me, as I grab onto the dog restraint bars at the back of my car (ha ha, romantic side notes). He pulled up my shirt and kissed my breasts and down my stomach, he held my hips and rocked me back and forth, he began to massage my clit with his thumb as we moved together, the sensation was breathtaking...he stopped me and said "I want you on your back" I was the submissive one and complied...I laid down on the back seat and he maneuvered inside of me. I love feeling his cock thrusting in and out of my pussy, and not long after he cumming inside of me.

It was nice this time, we did not have to rush off so quickly so we sat with his arms wrapped around me as we caught our breath. We were stroking each other ever so lightly and he was kissing the back of my neck. While the sex keeps getting better and better with FG, it is these moments of embracing, no talking, him just holding me that almost bring me to tears (of happiness and contentment). As I told Kat the other day, "I really like him", of course she responded "I know".

I am still basking in the afterglow...I know this is not forever, but TODAY it is amazing to have him in my life.

P.S. I have to add this, cause this kind of stuff just makes Kat shake her head...I truly am a big goofball and if any of you have any illusions about sexy sultry Agnes (that sounds like an oxymoron in and of itself with a name like that), but when we first started off kissing in the backseat, FG sort of had a girgle, not a we paused and he said "sheesh next I might toot". I said "well you may as well get it out now" and then I said, "there are no guarantees I won't...I am old you know". We were giggling so hard. It is always surprising the moment is never ruined, but I guess for us that is part of our moments. Oh and then I told him the angle I was at was not so good for having all my parts in place, you know, the boobs out of your armits, the belly not bucking his, I do have moments of self-consciousness, but then I realize he is moving right along and not even noticing the bulges so why should I...

P.P.S. FG and I might actually have dinner and an overnighter over the fall asleep together and wake up together would be heaven (in my flannies and curlers as he says to me), after all I did wear a shower cap in the shower one day...HOT HOT HOT


  1. Giggling at your romantic side notes! I miss car sex. I hope you both get to spend an overnight together; that'd be a great Christmas present!

  2. Oh dear god why in the world did I have to read the P.S. I would of been satisfied until then. Here I had an illusion of my sexy, sultry Agnes and now...well. LOL I love you for your honesty and to be able to be yourself no matter what.


  3. This little moments of laughing at yourselves with each other make the difference between a lover and just a fuck. :) (I was going to say "a fucker," but it wouldn't have given the right meaning... lol)

    I smiled all along as I read this post. :)

    I even smiled when I read France's comment; I was going to offer car sex, but I figure I shouldn't use your blog's comments for flirting with anyone other than Agnes and Kat. (Now, if Agnes or Kat want to offer France car sex, THAT will be a post worth reading...)

  4. Heck let's get a van or a party bus, and let's all have fuckers!